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WriterJPeel 03-27-2009 06:19 PM

Bolero with words...
Greetings thread people...

I have been searching the web to find places to share what I am writing.

which is..

A musical set to the music of famous classical pieces..

The story is about Sara, who was abandoned by her mother shortly
after childbirth and left on an orphanage doorstep.

Sara has just turned 18 and is leaving the orphanage to search for her mother...

The first scene is set to Strauss's Blue Danube

It is in a dormatory where her orphanage sisters are sleeping.

This is where she says goodbye to the girls.

There is an intro that isnt in the blue danube.. it's a wake up ryhme i wrote...

The second act is where we meet her mother.. Vicky

It is set in a small sewing room with Vicky and 4 other workers.

The music is Bolero..

Here is a taste of Bolero..

(Sara's Mother)
I've been sitting here
in this little room,
Mending clothing sent my way,
For people who don't know or care,
Just how I,
work my fingers to the bone,
For so little reward.

when I am finished for the day,
I am so tired I can't,
even pray,
someone to save me,
from this fate,
and take me from this life,
that I hate,
So I will be,
set free from all of this,
I don't even know,
How I go on.

You can see has not been
good to me,
It has scarred me in my soul,
I feel so lifeless
and so old,
and now my spirit's just a memory
I feel like it's

I'm adding up the things I've done,
I can't remember them each,
every one,
They, have become a blur,
in my mind,
So many people I've,
left behind,
And I know that,
I will never for-give my self
I have done many things,
I would take back.

That should be fairly easy to sing along,

I don't know what I am going to do with this musical yet

I may do it as an animation on the web,

May be a play

May be a movie...

Have 2 acts finished.. 3 more to go

I'm joining the classical people, with the theatre people..

with music most people know..


dont know if this is the proper place to post this

but it's as good as any lol

Listen to bolero.. and try the song.. you will like it..

If you want to hear more...

Email me at


Have a great day

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