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Minx 09-14-2021 11:52 AM


Originally Posted by Burning Down (Post 1358786)
In comparison with today's music (pop, rock, metal, electronica, etc). Does classical music still have a place amongst today's audience

To me pop music isn't relevant. I never listen to it. Unless I have to take the elevator. Or go shopping. Then I'm forced to listen.

jadis 09-15-2021 08:30 AM

You sound like a man of superior judgement. Welcome to MB!

muzimad 09-15-2021 11:08 AM

I believe classical music is still extremely popular, especially among certain groups of people including me.

Minx 12-02-2021 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by jadis (Post 2185135)
You sound like a man of superior judgement. Welcome to MB!

I'm a woman of superior judgement :nono:

jadis 12-03-2021 12:42 PM

Huh usually it's the guys who are this autistic

rostasi 12-03-2021 12:47 PM

Yeah, it's usually men who are snobs.

Celladorina 12-06-2021 04:19 PM

I think classical music is still highly relevant. Just look at how popular Han Zimmer is with the incredible music we hear in movies!

This is my favourite classical piece to date:

MasterRaro 02-22-2022 02:35 PM

relevance is a dubious concept. If relevance is defined in consequentialist terms only, no music has greater relevance than Taylor Swift - and no human has greater influence than Selena Gomez or the Rock.

Give it another 50 years. Taylor Swift will be forgotten, but Beethoven will still be there making the world a better place.

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