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Flower Child 01-08-2010 04:35 PM

The Marshall Tucker Band
The Marshall Tucker Band

Background: Band formed by brothers Toy and Tommy Caldwell in South Carolina in 1971. From that time to 1980, the band released 9 amazing albums through Capricorn Records. Though they never received the recognition that Lynyrd Skynyrd did during this period, they are every bit as talented if more inventive and creative.

Style: Though The Marshall Tucker Band has never truely fit into any one single genre of music, they are strongly southern rock based in which they mixed and experimented with many other influences such as jazz, soul, rock, blues, and country & western. They didn't limited themselves to anything at all, and added any sort instrument they felt would be interesting, which certainly gave them a sound that is all their own. They often collaberated with other musicians, namely with legendary fiddle player Charlie Daniels.

Band Members: There actually are no members that are named Marshall Tucker because while they were brainstorming a name for the band they noticed that the key to the warehouse they had rented for practice had Marshall Tucker inscribed on it which belonged to the previous renter, a piano tuner. And so they used it. Anyway the band practically was an orchestra, and over the years they have went through numerous members whether it be because they died or quit or were replaced. So I will just list the main guys that were in the band during its prime.

Toy Caldwell was the all around backbone of the band. He was a main vocalist in songs such as 'Can't You See' and 'This Ol' Cowboy', the lead guitarist, and the band's primary song writer. His guitar playing was really unique in that he only relied on his thumb as a pick. He quit the band in 1983 and tried to go solo. He died in 1993.
Doug Gray shared lead vocals with Toy and also played keyboards. After the death of Tommy Caldwell, he took over being the frontman and still with the band on lead vocals.
Tommy Caldwell was the band's frontman and bassist. Died in 1980 and marked the end of the The Marshall Tucker Band's serious album making.
Jerry Eubanks, who is my favorite member, played the saxophone and was responsible for those those trademark flute solos that gave the band its signature sound. He quit the band in 1996.
Paul Riddle was the band's drummer that stayed with them until 1983. He had his own special jazzy way of playing the drums that helped shape the band's sound.
George McCorkle was the band's rhythm guitarist who left the band with Paul Riddle in 1983. He also wrote several of the band's songs.

The band has quite a reputation for their long and intense improvised solos, especially when they set the place on fire with them during their live performances. Hardly any of their songs are under five minutes because of these trademark instrumental solos. A good example is in the song 'Running Like The Wind' off of the band's album of the same name.

I, personally, have been on an absolute Marshall Tucker Band tangent lately and can't get enough of their fresh, soulful, original music. I would highly suggest them to anyone, and not just southern rock or country fans, because they are much, much more than that. Go right on ahead and download my personal favorites and see what you think!


Compilation includes:
- I Should Have Never Started Loving You (Carolina Dreams) <-- I've been playing this one like its going out of style
- Heard It In a Love Song (Carolina Dreams)
- Dream Lover (Together Forever)
- Running Like The Wind (Running Like The Wind)
- Take The Highway (The Marshall Tucker Band)
- Can't You See (The Marshall Tucker Band)
- Southern Woman (A New Life)

And to those of you who are familiar, let's discuss!

savannah 01-08-2010 06:06 PM

hey where's the link, after dumping my itunes recently i would love to have these

i agree they are much much better than some of the more notable bands of this genre and are so much more that 'cant you see' which i find to be the most popular around here

glad you are enjoying them and spreading the word

(but they are still no allman brothers)

Flower Child 01-20-2010 07:13 AM

I should have guessed you would have liked these old boys. :thumb: I'm actually a little surprised at how little they get talked about on the forum. I don't know if its just because people hate them, or they just don't know about them. I just can't get enough of them personally. I swear, if a band was special made to fit my likes in every way, the MTB is it.

Yeah, they have quite a bit in their arsenal besides 'Can't You See'. In fact, the more I have been listening to them, the more songs I've found that would trump that one easily. Which ones have you been liking Savannah? I got their Carolina Dreams album for Christmas and it is pure fucking gold. You outta give it a listen.

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