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Thumbs up Popular musicians from Argentina


It's my first post here. I'm from Argentina, hoping to exchange some music knowledge with you. Please forgive my bad english!

I want to bring to you some artists from my country, from the popular scene and the diferent ages of the recording century, that I think you might want to discover:

Música del interior, commonly called folklore by argentinian people:

Andres Chazarreta - compiler of music, researcher, also composer of clasical folklore songs.
Atahualpa Yupanqui - a great poet (payador), composer of milongas and other lyric styles.
Hilario Cuadros - one of fathers of the western style, called estilo o foklore cuyano (from the region of Cuyo), composer of tonadas, cuecas, etc.
Jaime Dávalos - great composer and poet of northern style (folklore norteño), chacareras, zambas, bailecitos, etc.
Alberto Merlo - a writer and composer of southern style (canto surero), wich includes milongas, triunfos, cifras, estilos, huellas, etc.
Argentino Luna - poet and composer of music of southern style, o musica pampeana (La Pampa), like milongas, cifras, huellas, triunfos, zambas, etc.
Hermanos Abalos - composers and players of zambas, chacareras, etc.
Ariel Ramirez - great pianist and modern composer
Cuchi Leguizamón - the Piazzola of folkore, great composer of modern zambas, gatos and chacareras. Mixed bagualistic melodical style with all genres.
Dúo Salteño - one of the best contrapuntistic vocal duos in Argentina, played own and Leguizamon's music.
Eduardo Falú - great guitar player and composer of zambas and chacareras (middle style).
Jorge Cafrune - a tradicional singer, with great lyrics.
José Larralde - a singer and composer of tradicional style, mostly middle style.
Los Chalchaleros - a popular group that played tradicional folkore.
Chaqueño Palavecino - an actual singer of tradicional songs.
Los Nocheros - popular singers and composers of songs that mix folclore with bolero and pop music.
Los Carabajal - a family group from Santiago del Estero that crossed generations and popularized de genre of chacarera.
Peteco Carabajal - composer of great chacareras.
Mercedes Sosa - a mitical argentinian voice, great singer of zambas but also music from all South and Latin America, who later included argentinan rock songs and ballads to her repertoire.
Leda Valladares - a compiler of music and composer of coplas, bagualas and vidalas.
Mario del Transito Cocomarola - the father of chamamé.
Tarrago Ros - composer of clasic chamamés.
Raul Barboza - great bandoneonist/acordeonist, the equivalent of Piazzola for music from the Litoral (chamamé, rasguido doble, chamarrita, etc)
Chango Spasiuk - modern player of chamamés.
Chango Farias Gomez, and his groups (Grupo Vocal Argentino, La Manija, etc) - a very experimental composer, mixed world music styles with argentinian folkore.
Raúl Carnota - a modern composer, that has another view over folklore songs, and a style of his own.
Jaime Torres - famous charango player, and composer too.
Juanjo Dominguez - great guitar player, composer and arranger.
Liliana Herrero - actual singer that mixed a lot of genres with folklore and has a particular expresive way of singing.
Acaseca Grupo - newest sensation of folklore, followers of Leguizamon, Farias Gomez, Carnota, combine their music with jazz and other rythms like candombe, tango, etc.

Tango and related:

Angel Villoldo - one of the first tango writers, of what is now called La Guardia Vieja (old tango)
Carlos Gardel - the most mitical tango singer ever, and a talented composer of some the most world known tangos. Singed also milongas, estilos, and other tradicional styles and was the pioneer of tango-canción (tango-song, or tango-chanson).
Julio De Caro - violinist, orchestal director, and composer of tangos, one of the pioneers of the next generation of tango, called La Guardia Nueva ('20s-'40s).
Juan Carlos Cobián - great pianist, orchestal director, and composer of the Guardia Nueva.
Juan D'Arienzo - orchestal director that combined the sound of Guardia Nueva with style of Guardia Vieja.
Carlos Di Sarli - also pianist, director and composer of great tangos.
Francisco Canaro - violinist, composer and orchestal director of tangos, also from the Guardia Nueva.
Edmundo Rivero - a great voice of tango of Guardia Nueva and modern tango.
Roberto Goyeneche, el Polaco - a singer that made his own style of singing, like acting or telling stories.
Anibal Troilo - one of the greatest bandoneonists and composers, of Guardia Nueva and the later modern tango.
Mariano Mores - pianist, director, and composer of famous tangos.
Osvaldo Pugliese - a pianist and composer of modern tango, previous to Piazzola.
Astor Piazzola - world famous modern tango composer, and great bandoneonist.
Horacio Salgán - one of the bests tango pianists ever, with remarcable classical education.
Atilio Stampone - great pianist and composer.
Antonio Agri - a violinist of great virtuosism.
Cacho Tirao - a guitar player, of incredible technique, and a great arranger.
Rubén Juarez - bandoneonist, singer, and composer, and pioneer of the Guardia Joven (90's till now).

Argentinian rock, known as Rock Nacional:

Los Gatos - the first band that made popular hispanic rock. Was a big reference for many rock musicians. Lito Nebbia, Oscar Moro, Alfredo Toth or Pappo were part of it, and become legends of the genre.
Lito Nebbia - a singer, pianist, and songwriter. The first singer/composer that made a real rock hit in spanish (La Balsa, composed with Tanguito). Founder of a self-made style that influenced many musicians.
Tanguito - a short career pioneer of argentinian rock, influenced by Presley, Donovan, Barret or Morrison, among others.
Moris - another of the fathers of argentinian rock, with classic ballads.
Sandro - a singer very influenced by Elvis, that made rock and roll but later singed ballads and latin songs.
Miguel Abuelo (and his later group Los Abuelos de La Nada) - singer and songwriter, pioneer of rock but also of pop music.
Charly Garcia, soloist & with his groups (Sui Generis, Seru Giran, La Maquina de Hacer Pajaros, etc) - the most famous rock artist from Argentina. A musician that went though 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s crossing Beatles, Queen, Genesis, Nirvana... An argentinian idol, and fantastic composer. The first who could manage a real fusion between spanish language and rock.
Luis Alberto Spinetta, soloist & with his groups (Almendra, Pescado Rabioso, Invisible, Spinetta Jade, Los Socios del desierto, etc) - another musician that went though 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, crossing Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zepelin, jazz music and folklore. An incredible poet, one of a kind. He's art has no parallel in our language, not to say in other countries...
Manal - a trio that combined blues, rhythm & blues, soul, rock and roll, cool, bebop influence with music like tango and candombe (musica rioplatense).
Vox Dei - a classic and symphonic rock band, that made a very famous rock version of The Bible.
Crucis - the pioneers of progressive rock in Argentina, may be in all Latinoamerica.
Pappo Napolitano and his groups (Los Gatos, Pappo's Blues, Riff, etc) - a legendary guitar player, who is a sort of argentinian Gary Moore, or BB King... He played blues, rock, and hard rock too.
León Gieco - a follower of Bob Dylan that mixed his style his some of the argentinian folklore.
David Lebón - a complete musician, singer, guitarrist, bassist, drumer and composer that played with the greatest rock musicians of his country.
Fito Paez - a very famous Charly Garcia follower.
Gustavo Cerati, and Soda Stereo - a great musician that mixed argentinian composers like Garcia and Spinetta with bands like The Cure, The Police, INXS, U2, among others.
Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota - a very popular and rare dark band that mixes Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Madness, The Clash creating a very particular style and iconic lyrics (Indio Solari).
Sumo - A band with an italian singer (Luca Prodan), that made career in Argentina with a style of his own, which combines european bands like Madness, The Clash, etc.
Divididos - A power rock trio, ex Sumo, that combines hard rock riffs withs tradicional folklore.
Virus - One of the first bands of rock-pop music of the 80s, and pioneers of that style.
Andres Calamaro, soloist & with his groups (Los Abuelos de la Nada, Los Rodriguez, etc) - A Dylan follower, with Morrison actitude. Had diferent bands with diferent styles, but finally made his own.
Los Enanitos Verdes - rock pop band of 80s and 90s.
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - a popular ska band that combined lots of hispanic rythms, like salsa, rumba, candombe, murga, cumbia, etc.
Los Pericos - a band that made reggae and ska mixed with pop and rock music.
Ricardo Iorio and his groups: V8, Hermetica and Almafuerte - a sort of nationalist style of heavy metal, with critical lyrics, influenced by Black Sabbath, Motorheäd, Metallica, etc.
Rata Blanca - the most popular heavy metal and hard rock ballads writers in spanish language.
La Renga - a heavy rock band, with folk influences.
Los Piojos - a rock band that combines a notoriuos Rolling Stones influence with tango, milonga (estilo porteño, meaning from Buenos Aires) and candombe y murga (Rio de La Plata).
Bersuit Vergarabat - a band that mixed rock with candombe, murga, milonga, tango (musica rioplatense) and cumbia, among other genres.
Kapanga - this is a festive music band, that puts ska, cumbia, cuarteto, merengue in a rock context.
Catupecu Machu - a popular alternative rock band, with elements of Divididos and Soda Sterero.

Other artists:

Lito Vitale - great pianist, plays synthetizers and is a famous arranger and composer of all kind of popular music, including folklore, jazz, rock, etc.
Luis Salinas - great guitar player, plays and composes jazz, tangos, ballads, etc.
Maria Elena Walsh - a very popular songwriter that became famous writing songs for childrens, mixinig lots of diferents styles.
Pedro Aznar - a complete musician, singer, bass and guitar player, pianist, which has a remarcable career in rock, jazz, folklore, and latin music, and his compositions are a fusion of all.

Obviously, I skipped a lot of musicians, bands, etc... it's a difficult work to do to select some an leave others! But I hope you can take the info you are seeking or discover artists you never listened.
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Welcome to MB, sirferdinand !

That`s a very impressive list of artists;I`ve heard of about four of them, so when I find the time I have some checking up to do, and will probably be asking you lots of questions.

Did you notice that Musicbanter has a special place where you can introduce yourself ? Click on this link, then on the "new thread" option, and tell us a little about yourself. You may make more aquaintances there, than here in this Folk Forum, which can be a bit slow sometimes.

Introductions - Music Banter

Good luck, and welcome, again.

PS Your English is very good - better than some of the native speakers who post here !!
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Welcome. By the way, there is already a thread about music from Argentina, here.
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