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Zen_ 01-26-2014 08:51 PM

Looking for "Tribal" Music
I'm trying to listen to a lot of music that will influence my style when i write. I absolutely LOVE hawaiian or polynesian tribal sounds, But i've had a very hard time finding such types of music. Some examples:
Far Cry 3 soundtrack: The Giant's head
Maori Haka Dance (can be found on youtube)
Haka Kamate from the rugby world cup 2007
If you have any other videos or bands that produce music like this I would very much like to hear it. Thank you:)

Frownland 01-26-2014 09:06 PM

Here's some tribal stuff you might dig.

Rumpleskinstein 01-27-2014 08:36 PM

Have you ever heard of Bruce Parry? He presented a show called Tribe where he goes around and lives with indigenous tribes in various places.

He put together an album called Songs for Survival, which has recorded samples from the tribes he stayed with. The first half of the album isn't so great, it's just songs by popular artists themed around the Amazon, but the second half of the album uses the recorded music remixed into some really good stuff. Definately check out that second half.

Also, album sales raise money for the charity Survival, which helps out threatened tribes.

Mr. Charlie 02-21-2014 08:18 PM

I love Bruce Parry, he really throws himself into living as one of the tribe, even going so far as taking their hallucinogenic drugs. That episode where he took iboga was nuts, that was a bad trip and a half, made all the more terrifying by being in a completely alien environment. The guy has balls.

DoesntReallyMatter 02-24-2014 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by Mr. Charlie (Post 1419075)
I love Bruce Parry, he really throws himself into living as one of the tribe,even going so far as taking their hallucinogenic drugs.


Wow. That shows a real...dedication.
Or, well, it shows something...
J\K. Kinda. Does it really matter?

Ayahuasca or Lipitor?

More specificity is required to deliver, what I presume, you really want.
If, in fact, you haven't already received it.

Oh, Christ, I really ...okay...
Well, 'Kanak People Of New Caledonia* – Danse De Toka Nod'
Is very good if you can find a copy. Not gonna sign up for 5 different sites
and search for a video editor to upload to YT, sorry man. It's good, though.

More modern?

Man should be world famous, up there with DCD.

Early Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes, etc...

Lisnaholic 02-25-2014 06:49 AM

^ :laughing: I enjoyed the Water Drums clip, but only because of the novelty of the sound, tbh. Considered as a piece of music, it doesn`t seem to go anywhere.

Frownland`s contribution scores really high in terms of authenticity. Congrats on being one of very few MB members to show any interest in plantation work songs - I discovered the limited appeal of this kind of music when I tried to revive interest in this thread:-

On the subject of authenticity, the OP doesn`t score very highly, as this was one of Zen`s recommended tracks:-

Here are three takes on the theme of tribal music:-
(a) must be authentic because of the unselfconscious boob display:-

(b) deliberately composed "tribal" music that usually ends up sounding pretty cheesy:-

(c) personal favourite because it takes me back to my teenage years, the original Missa Luba album had a famous suit of songs,( ie.the Mass), and a less publicized side of native Congolese music of which this song is a taste:-

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