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Beallsound 09-10-2006 03:29 PM

The Minimum Due
Hey if you could give some feedback on this song and let me know what you think..

Thanks in advance and look forward to the dialog

If you could go to Sound Click .com in the Country General Section I think you will like what you hear or at least I hope you do...

The Minimum Due
Written By: Robert F Beall

Verse 1

You can change your hair
You can change your style
Might be working for you now
But it wont in a little while

Go ahead and buy your clothes
And your brand new pair of shoes
When the bills start rollin' in
What are you gonna do when
They start coming after you...


I cant afford
Your Kind of Love
I'm Broke Down
And I've had enough
There was a time
I sort of loved you
But I can't Love you that Much
My Paycheck Does'nt Touch
The Minimum Due

Verse 2

Now I know you love
Your Diamond Rings
You Can Buy all You Want
But you'll do it without Me

No I cant Take
This anymore
You've Got Every Credit Card
Target and Wal-Mart
Even Sears Department Store

Repeat Chorus

Then Closing:

I Can't Love you that Much
My Paycheck Does'nt Touch
The Minimum Due............

Robert F. Beall

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