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Ostromite 12-11-2004 10:07 AM

New Country vs. Old Country
Personally, I can't stand new country music. It has turned into little more than pop music with a Southern accent. The only country musicians who are any good nowadays are the old greats who are still kicking and doing concerts.

Country used to be the white blues, more or less, an expression of loneliness and heartache through simple songwriting and pure emotion. I love old country music, it's raw, emotional, and timeless. Great country artists were Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, and, the greatest of them all, Johnny Cash. Now, it's all The Dixie Chicks, Toby Keith, and whatever new blonde girl from Shantyville, Alabama picked up a guitar and had a recording session this week. It's a disgrace, the genre has died.

And by the way, don't bring up Garth Brooks. He's not country. Country singers don't retire after ten years, they play until they die. Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, they played until they died, and I can guarantee you Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard will do the same thing.

Sweet Jane 12-13-2004 05:59 PM

You should be pleased that Country music is still going, if you dont like the new country bands then once all the old ones do die and are no longer around to play, do you really want the genre to die too?

I vote certain Wilco stuff as some good new country.

*Josie* 12-13-2004 09:22 PM

I'm glad country music is changing, no offence but the old stuff gives me a headache.

Ostromite 12-27-2004 05:07 PM

Why should I be glad that music I love is turning into music I hate? I'd rather have the genre die than mutate into an incoherent breed of pop music. I have no blind devotion to country music as a genre, I love any music that has raw emotion in it (as old country did) and I hate music that is created to sell records (like new country is, as well as 95% of all new music).

And by the way, Josie, no offense to you either, but if old country gives you a headache, you have no business listening to new country. That's like when people say Linkin Park rock but they can't stand Jimi Hendrix.

*Josie* 12-27-2004 06:43 PM

No offense Ostromite but you have no right to tell me that I have no business listening to new country. You posted your own opinion and I posted mine.

Waynegrow 01-12-2005 05:32 AM

County's 1/4 dead anyway's now that J.C.'s dead. Bring back the old git rid of the new.

TheBig3 01-22-2005 08:32 PM

I don't agree. As previously mentioned, Alt Country acts continue in the tradition of the early singer/songwriters. Kathleen Edwards's First CD (provided she's made more) was awesome. And the Alt country stylings of Bright Eyes, Wilco, and Ryan Adams (who I think is an obnoxious ****) will keep it going.

All generes have their pop side. Try not to judge them but the money-hungry whores like Toby Keith.

P.S. Whats wrong with the Dixie Chicks?

TheBig3 01-22-2005 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by *Josie*
No offense Ostromite but you have no right to tell me that I have no business listening to new country. You posted your own opinion and I posted mine.

Does he not have the right to post his opinion that you shouldn't listen?

hookers with machineguns 01-23-2005 12:05 AM

i like wilco too, i thought i'd add that.
but, country a dying genre? no way. not even close. country records make buttloads of money. i live in the midwest, trust me. there's lots of hoedowns and hootnannies that are ample enough to support country musicians for life.

Urban Hat€monger ? 01-27-2005 02:36 PM

I`m not a fan of country but there are good bands there that even catch my ear.

Sparklehorse , Lambchop , Wilco , Gram Parsons , Johnny Cash are all in my record collection

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