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adidasss 07-22-2010 05:32 PM

The problems with homosexuality
Lets try and dig to the bottom of this issue.

Feel free to post your thoughts on this incredible complicated issue of man on man and girl on girl on girl on girl and just regular pansexual orgies etc...

I'm sure it'll be incredibly educational for all parties involved.

right-track 07-22-2010 05:33 PM

Keyboard problems Marijan?

adidasss 07-22-2010 05:35 PM

That and I'm rather stoned...:D

right-track 07-22-2010 05:39 PM


Originally Posted by adidasss (Post 904770)
That and I'm rather stoned...:D

Excellent! :thumb:

NumberNineDream 07-22-2010 05:40 PM

What's the complicated part of it?
Other than the reason why people just get offended by "different" people.

Sansa Stark 07-22-2010 05:41 PM

you homosexual men take all the good looking dudes

that's my problem

Thrice 07-22-2010 05:51 PM

Those queers can't spell!

I don't see anything wrong with it. The biggest thing for me is that we, as humans, are moving in a direction in which the ideas for each generation are different in a good way an d allow people to be themselves. I look forward to seeing the ideas our generation has to offer when we hold high political positions and the older generation of racists, sexists etc.. die off. I keep trying to think of a problem, but I only end up with positive solutions. The fact that you can not have children led me to think of higher percentage of couples looking to adopt. If you get locked up long term, youre all set as well :)
I judge people based on their character, not who they sleep with. I'm greatful, just means thats one more sexy lady that could possibly be in my bed and not yours adidas. I have wondered for years about the origin of your username and if it has anything to do with super sloppy sex or sweet and sensual.

VEGANGELICA 07-22-2010 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by adidasss (Post 904765)
Lets try and dig to the bottom of this issue.

Roblem #1: In the U.S. a lot of gay men in the 70s didn't use condoms while "digging to the bottom," shall we say, and so HIV infection rates were very high in the gay male population...higher than in the general public. Sadly, a lot of fine people died, and I think the general public then blamed gay men for HIV, when in fact HIV had been (and continues to be) a predominantly heterosexual disease in Africa where the virus originated.

Roblem #2: Same-sex couples probably have a higher chance of having the same first name, so that could be confusing! One of my closest friends in college and his significant other had the same name. I thought it was cute, but strangers calling them on the phone might ask for "Don," and then find out that wasn't the Don they wanted. Yes. A Very Troubling Problem, that.

Roblem #3: I think people often feel sexuality is clear-cut--hetero, homo, bi, etc., and ignore the gray zones among this black and white thinking. If you are classified as "homosexual," I think people probably define you more by the sexual side of your being than all the other sides, which I would find frustrating. No one refers to me as "my hetero friend Erica." Of course, I don't consider myself hetero, so that may be one reason why! :D

Cressidagater 07-22-2010 07:07 PM

On the off chance that you genuinely are seeking to understand why any person may find the life choice perplexing, I shall paste here, the last paragraph of what i wrote on the "rape" thread, some of it may be irrelevant I apologise, but as its all weaved together it would be difficult to sieve out specific posts, and I cant be arsed to write a whole new post


To come back to the topic at hand [rape]; I dont accept the act nor believe its jusitifable in any way. But, it is plausible that there are statistically more male rapists than female, because lets call rape, the inherent sexual desire, which stems from a desire to reproduce. As such, a male, could hypothetically stick his wang in as many women as possible in the hopes of keeping the race alive. when you look at the female body, a female reproduces, and then cares for this baby within her. I'm not saying that the desire to reproduce is any less for females; but I am saying, its more focused, clearer, less chaotic.

As such, you would likely get less female rapists, because the female body is set up to recieve the seed and care for the baby, whereas the male body is set up to release the seed, and go release some more.

Still its completely absurd and inexcusable. If you care THAT much about humanity, start a family, care for them, have a baby out of love, raise it together with your spouse, dedicate oneself to them. Its that fear of responsibility, as well, plays into it. "If I settle down, maybe I'll screw the kid up. So I'll have as many kids as possible to give my genes and humanity the best chance possible" ergo this leads to promiscuity, and arguably, to the mindset of the rapist, even. Only one step away.

further still, one could start to believe "well i;ll just stick my wang in ANYTHING maybe it;ll get pregnant" hence sexual perversion and deviancy.

or of course, not to be sexist one could say, "i'll stick anything UP my snatch maybe it'll work"

but i believe its less present in women, because its the WOMEN, that the baby grows inside. women's intuition they call it. comes from that if you ask me.

You could then of course carry this obsession onwards ie. "feels good so if it feels good im doing good, so ANYTHING that feels good is doing good, so im gonna start making the act of sex with things other than that which I KNOW i could impregnate/be impregnated by"

all it is is a gross malformation of sexual desire for reproduction.

I dont mean infertile couples either. I dont lump them in with this lot. I feel for such people because they've got it all there, but its just not coming together. sometimes miracles happen it does. sometimes medicine helps.

But im talking about sexual perversion of all sorts. Pedophilia, bestiality, homsexuality, small list of many. All it comes down to is, this feels good. WHY does it feel good? because supposedly you're propagating our race. if you're not then good for you my friend you found a way to beat life TO THE VICTOR THE SPOILS!!! As long as it doesnt involve me, nor anyone who doesnt WISH to be involed, i couldnt care less.

Pedophilia, could you put weight in a child saying they wish to be involved? no, ergo null and void

bestiality, could you even ask an animal? no. null and void; unless of course, you believe they're inferior and here at your whim. If I believe this, I'd kill them all personally speaking, what's their purpose? ergo null and void.

homosexuality, null and void for me im a male i have no need for close proximity with the male; I already am one complete male in myself. It's all here, is for every man they're a man, and every woman, is already a woman, too. By defintion. Thats my own personal view on life. Others, if 2 or however many people all consent to it, so-be it their choice. But do they understand what they do and this whole line of reasoning I've given?

People say, "FASCIST!!" "BIGOT!!!" whenever you have an opinion on this. As such people stop discussing; its become tabboo to care about your fellow Humans. im breaking the tabboo sir. Makes no difference to me what they do, as I shall not be involved regardless, i see them as a human being, a brother, regardless of how they see me. BUT, do they realy WISH to be doing it? If so, if they understand all of this, and still wish to do it thats their decision. Null and void for myself.

Sex with inanimate objects: null and void, unfulfilling. pointless yet refreshingly simple, basic masturbation all this is. does the inanimate object have a say; no, as its inanimate who cares just a lump of material. BUT, does that mean its purpose should be undermined? for example, a chair is for sitting. If you start to use it for ejaculation, you may damage it. As long as you know that, do it if you want. blow up dolls. image of a woman. but not a woman, is it? could find a mate instead.

Pornography, null and void, but perhaps the closest that one who is not currently having sex, can get to sex. or the imagining of it. Null and void, when the offer of sex arises.Negative, if one becomes obsessed with it.

Essentially, The reason I shall not participate in it is because it undermines my existance, I believe. If you disagree I couldnt care less.

IF HOWEVER, you believe this is untrue for yourself, (because thats something different), then fair enough, none of my business what you do. I only say this, so that people who are like me, dont get confused or swallowed up or shackled or imprisoned by the world. If you're like me, this should all help you and make you happy. If you're not like me, fair enough good luck to you, good day I salute you and say, I'll carry on on my way, you on yours. Whats wrong with that. end of the day, all that REALLY matters to me is myself anyway

mr dave 07-23-2010 05:16 AM

the problem with homosexuality is that it runs counter to the only real method of survival for the species.

you can paint it up any other way you want but ultimately homosexual relationships are means to an end rather than means to a future (at least from anything besides an emotional perspective).

they can scream all they want about their 'love' and how it's just as 'real' as the love felt in hetero couples but the point continues to be missed. a life long love shouldn't be about satisfying the immediate individuals, it should be about establishing a love that will survive beyond themselves, to combine themselves within another being that will carry and live out their love throughout their own existence. it's physically, biologically, and genetically impossible for homosexuals to do this.

i don't mean this as any form of disrespect to adidass or any other homosexuals here. i've struggled with the idea myself at various times in the past too. once i had made sense of the preceeding paragraph to myself it made it a lot easier to realize that i was alone because i wasn't interested in shallow or promiscuous relationships, not because of gender issues. again, nothing against homosexuals, but in my experience i've also noticed a SIGNIFICANT increase in promiscuity and basic indecency and intimate disrespect within the g4y community. a lot around here (especially young ones) seem to take the idea that since they can't make babies as a green card for slutting out hardcore.

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