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sonar1 11-18-2011 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by tore (Post 1121277)
Before I read the rest of the post, I think you got things the wrong way round. A vacuum, like that you can create inside a cup, doesn't really pull at things. It's matter that pushes. Stuff is being pushed in because of gravity.

That makes sense.


Now that I think of it that way.

skaltezon 11-26-2011 12:49 AM


I Got Your Neutrinos Right Here

The oldest of the subatomic particles called neutrinos might each encompass a space larger than thousands of galaxies, simulations suggest.

We think of fundamental particles as being very small, but “relic” neutrinos left over from the big bang could be big. Really big. The quantum wave describing one could be billions of light-years across, a good fraction of the observable universe. Such a large wave raises questions about how a quantum particle interacts with gravity at the scale of galaxies and galaxy clusters -- questions that remain unresolved.

University of California researchers George Fuller and Chad Kishimoto were checking whether a theoretical upper limit could be placed on neutrino masses based on galaxy observations when they realized that the wave functions describing relic neutrinos might extend billions of light years. Half of a neutrino’s wave function could, for instance, be in our galaxy while the other half would be out at the edge of the observable universe.
(from 2009 article)

Fresh neutrinos like CERN recently clocked exceeding lightspeed are exempt from such speculation. :)

Physics - Ginormous Neutrino


blastingas10 12-16-2011 02:55 AM

Religion certainly doesn't do justice to the wonder of this universe. How the f*** is any of this possible? It is mind-blowing.

Farfisa 12-19-2011 12:35 AM

Seeing pictures of Systems and Galaxies, and watching the epic space film 2001: A Space Odyssey has given me a new outlook on life. Our existence might not have any meaning, but that doesn't mean we can't admire it's spontaneous beauty. I feel like there is still much to be discovered. Like for example, when scientists were able to make subatomic particles travel faster than the speed of light. As for the universe beginning? I believe it never began, and it will never end. I think time is one of the things that can't apply to the "creation" of the universe.

Guybrush 12-19-2011 02:22 AM

As far as I know, the "faster than speed of light" neutrinos have yet to be verified. Until it is verified, I'm hesitant to accept a statement which breaks with one of physics most well known and theoretically useful principles.

Farfisa 12-19-2011 03:01 AM


Originally Posted by tore (Post 1134420)
As far as I know, the "faster than speed of light" neutrinos have yet to be verified. Until it is verified, I'm hesitant to accept a statement which breaks with one of physics well known and theoretically useful principles.

Personally, I think this would really be quite the oopsie if this were to be verified. People might actually have to retake physics classes. HA!

blastingas10 12-19-2011 02:44 PM

E F pastor emeritus: Physicist, Sir Roger Penrose, says Stephen Hawking's "no-God-needed" theory of the universe is "hardly science and not even a theory"

eurochild 01-10-2012 01:51 PM

I remember watching a TV-program where they said that there are particles in atoms that just appear and disappear at random. A theory was that our universe is like that. If it is, and our whole universe is just a microscopic particle inside another atom, then....... hyper mind****.

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