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John Wilkes Booth 01-31-2015 06:01 PM

does anyone here meditate?

i tried it a couple times a while back and honestly found it pretty useless. they said to still your thoughts and try focusing on one thing, like your breath. i can't really do that. my mind just keeps going no matter what. even when i try not to think, i will notice thoughts pop up in the back of my mind. and then i'm like **** i'm thinking about something. and then i'm like **** now i'm thinking about me thinking about something. and then i try to refocus my thoughts on my breath but honestly i find my breath pretty boring. and then i'm like **** now i'm thinking about trying not to think about stuff. i usually lasted maybe 5 mins tops before i got bored and decided to go do something else.

i always assumed this was just my failure at meditating, but then i was listening to sam harris's recent book on meditation when i was at work today. he was saying how a lot of people who think they are meditating are really just thinking with their eyes closed, and that it takes some practice at mediation before you truly realize how distracted by thought you really are. i thought this was interesting since it didn't take me any practice at all to notice how distracted i was. i'm pretty sure this means i'm a guru but who knows.

itt post any meditation related thoughts in this thread

RoxyRollah 01-31-2015 07:17 PM

try self hypnosis first.

John Wilkes Booth 01-31-2015 07:23 PM

how do i do that

RoxyRollah 01-31-2015 07:32 PM

I have a killer app.But turn the phone on airplane mode,because its insanely hard in a hypnotized state to answer the phone.

John Wilkes Booth 01-31-2015 07:40 PM

what's it called?

i honestly want to believe you. sounds interesting to be hypnotized. but my gut feels like it's bs

DwnWthVwls 01-31-2015 07:41 PM

I've never actually just meditated but I used to do this morning yoga right that always ended with laying down and breathing + soothing yoga music. It's the only time I ever had a clear head, all the others were exactly what you described where I just sat there thinking with my eyes closed. It's a really hard state to get into.

John Wilkes Booth 01-31-2015 07:47 PM

i was watching some buddhist monk give a talk online and he said he had no problem giving up sex cause the joy he got from meditation felt better than an orgasm

i think he's a bald headed liar

RoxyRollah 01-31-2015 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by John Wilkes Booth (Post 1545779)
what's it called?

i honestly want to believe you. sounds interesting to be hypnotized. but my gut feels like it's bs

Hold on let me look.I equvicate it with being in the half awake half dreaming a really lovely dream ,on your day off state.

John Wilkes Booth 01-31-2015 07:51 PM

i have sleeping issues where i get stuck in a state like that sometimes during the transition from waking to sleeping and vice versa. except in my case the dream is usually dull as all hell

DwnWthVwls 01-31-2015 08:49 PM

Lucid dreaming is one of the greatest things in life. That sounds awesome Rox.

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