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twistid 06-09-2009 07:16 PM

Please help me find this song
Hello sir/ma'am,

I found this website in a google search and hopefully one of you may be able to help me out. I remember always playing this one song a few years ago but I cannot for the life of me remember who it was or the title of it. The song itself reminded me of Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell , I remember reading on the composers biography webpage that he likes to create "club music that you couldn't dance to," similar to "Lux Aeterna," ... He actually had a music video for the song and in it, is a man who is running while everyone is moving backwards, and there is a very large man who tries to pick him up or catch him... Theres a scene when hes running down the street while the cars are moving backwards and a child in the backseat looks up at him ... I know its not much to go off of, but I'm sure someone on here has seen this music video and can mayby chime in =)

Thanks in advance!

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