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jackhammer 12-28-2010 06:49 PM

The Official Ambient Thread
Let's bore those who hate Ambient music with tracks that help us fall asleep :D The only proviso is that it has to be Electronic.

Hypnotic and yet still full of texture.

Just fast forward to 5 mins 40 for one of the finest chillout tracks ever.

This is how you remix a track :) That tempo change just before five minutes is sublime.

Love the Jazzy vibe from this once it gets going.

TheFolkslave 12-28-2010 07:42 PM

My first encounter with ambient music was when I was maybe 14-15 years old. I got into ambient since my art teacher who I admired alot plays in a quite legendary Finnish ambient band called Nemesis.
The guy had a huge influence on the way I think about art and music. Saw him actually last summer and talked with him. He now also plays keyboards in a instrumental prog rock band called Moonwagon.

Here's a song I managed to find from youtube
This band is a pioneer in Finnish ambient/electronic/synth music. They have been doing their stuff since 80's

noise 12-29-2010 02:50 AM

these first two are just chill electronic, not exactly what i would call "ambient"

these are more ambient in the traditional sense

i have a lot more i can post later :)

noise 12-29-2010 10:47 AM

more as promised. a nice variety of stuff.

Roland 12-29-2010 12:11 PM


Clubroot is an amazingly talented producer in 2-step, Ambient and Experimental genre. He has two albums packed full with gems which you could easily fall asleep to.

YouTube - Burial - Archangel

"Archangel" is Burial at the height of his powers. A Dubstep and abstract artist who has two critically acclaimed albums to his name already.

YouTube - Aphex Twin - Xtal

Aphex Twin needs no introduction. One of the defining electronic figures for years. Some of his ambient work is unbelievably stunning and chilling whilst creating very intense and sometimes creepy atmospheres at the same time. Unique and ultimately timeless.

Apologies if my links are more Dubstep and not what you were looking for in this thread. However, they are deserving of being referred to as Ambient.

Placeholder_ 01-06-2011 08:56 PM

This thread needs some Gas! Just listened his last album under the Gas moniker, Pop.

Raust 01-16-2011 03:31 PM

The king of ambient himself!


This is also rather good to.

Dr_Rez 01-18-2011 12:15 AM

Is Ulrich Schnauss considered ambient? At least some of the time..

someonecompletelyrandom 01-18-2011 02:34 AM

Have you guys heard of Brian McBride? Really good, he takes a lot of time developing his atmospheres. I have his When Detail Lost It's Freedom, and I throw it on any time im in a pensive sort of mood.

HiFi 01-20-2011 03:58 AM

If you like Boards of Canada. You might like this guy too....

There is a lot more of his stuff on you tube.

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