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Freebase Dali 04-17-2016 12:59 AM

Ott. And I mean it.
I haven't seen him posted here before. I just learned about him myself, oddly, considering how long he has been around. Those familiar with Shpongle may know about him if you've been more alert than myself. They've collaborated before and Ott's music goes back a ways.

So.. having fortunately discovered Ott and his more modern take on Psybient and Psydub which are two genres I admit to not having been very focused on previously with any significant amount of motivation, I set out to discover basically 100 percent of his music after having been impressed by his execution of it and compiled everything I found that I liked the most into a Youtube playlist that might be coherent as a self-contained "thing".

There's somewhat of an intention with the ordering. Uplifting leads to injection of trippy, leads to a roller-coaster of both, and finally to the relaxed state at the end of the ride.
It comes out to about 65 minutes, all damage done. I understand that such an amount of time is a commitment, but I do think it's worth following through on even if it's relegated as a background experience.

I would highly recommend any of you who value psychedelically-focused electronic music to give Ott a shot if you haven't already. With what I've now heard, he's pretty much putting everyone else in the genre to shame, but that might just be me. The below playlist is available for any curious individuals to weigh in on:

Ott - A Playlist

Enjoy your flight.

Edit: I do need to warn you not to settle in on a vibe. Ott does what he wants. Hopefully you get dragged along with minimal resistance.

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