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Raine 07-08-2006 11:00 AM

Ask the person below you
just post a question and the person that posts after you will post an asnwer and a new question for the next poster.

V what is your favorite soda?

Laces Out Dan! 07-08-2006 01:08 PM

Vanilla Coke

What is your Bra size?

bungalow 07-08-2006 01:09 PM

32 K

When was the last time you performed fellatio?

Raine 07-08-2006 01:09 PM

I've answered that question before.
26 C

how many push ups can you do in a minute

Laces Out Dan! 07-08-2006 01:10 PM

Bungalow's = Never
Raine's = like 30 probably...( I hate pushups )

Who is your favourite poster?

swim 07-08-2006 01:11 PM


What was your first record?

Raine 07-08-2006 01:27 PM

record as in vinyl?
Probably Journey or Pink Floyd

what sports are you good at

Laces Out Dan! 07-08-2006 01:29 PM

Basketball, Baseball are my strongest sports..But im a natural born athlete :o:

What is your favourite type of PORN

Raine 07-08-2006 01:32 PM

les paul: I usually don't do porn.
moonlitsunshine: the weather is fine.

who is your favorite comedian?

Laces Out Dan! 07-08-2006 01:32 PM

Dane Cook

Who is your favourite pro athlete

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