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broken_tears_open_wounds 10-01-2004 04:59 PM

Favorite songs
15 favorite songs: (Not in order

1 "Listen" Twiztid
2 "Suicide Hotline" ICP
3 "Angels Falling" ICP
4 "Until The Day I die" Story Of The Year
5 "Home is Where you Hang yourself" Every Time I Die
7 "Don't Speak" No Doubt
8 "Hello I love you" The Doors
9 "Super Sadist" Jack Off Jill
10 "Sin" NIN
11 "Sedatives" ICP
12 "InMy Room" ICP
13 "Cotton candy and Popsicles" ICp w/ Zug Island
14 "Only One" Yellowcard
15 "Poison Girl" HIM

Jonah 10-06-2004 06:55 AM

"All things Ordinary" The Anniversary
"Enfilade" At The Drive In
"Pegan Poetry" Bjork
"Where have you been" Reel Big Fish
"So impossible" Dashboard Confessional
"Tiny vessels" Death Cab for Cutie
"Now or never" Hot Rod Circuit
"I have Space" Mates of State
"Never ending math equation" Modest Mouse
"AOK" Motion City Soundtrack
"The Imperatives" Rainer Maria
"Paints peeling" Rilo Kiley
"Red Alibi" Sparta
"Prison Bound" Social Distortion
"To the world" Strike Anywhere
"Snibe" Sunny Day Real Estate
"All torn down" The Living End
"Dig up her bones" The Misfits
"All thats left" Thrice
"Bloody Sunday" U2
"Reconstruction site" Weakerthans
"When you don't control your gov." Anti-Flag
"Sorrow" Bad Religion
"Pull my hair" Bright Eyes
"Yr Letter" Onelinedrawing
"Love in our eyes" Amanda Rogers

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