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abscenceofsanity 04-26-2008 04:57 AM

Songs about James
I'm trying to get together some songs that are about a james (or jim or jimmy)... i thought here might be the place to ask, does anyone know songs with the name in their title?
I've only found two, through previous exposure to the artist, and even then I've only somewhat stumbled across them.
James- Blue October
The Facts About Jimmy- Shawn Colvin.

Comus 04-26-2008 05:04 AM

Billy Joel - James (from the Turnstiles album)
Eagles - James Dean (close)

abscenceofsanity 04-26-2008 05:09 AM


Piss Me Off 04-26-2008 05:16 AM

The CLASSIC Little James by Oasis.

mightyprojet 04-26-2008 07:05 AM

Royal Trux-(Have You Met)Horror James
Sonic Youth-Brother James
Billie Holiday-Jim
The A-Bones-That Jim

Demonoid 04-26-2008 07:47 AM

kelly joe phelps - river rat jimmy
Out of my 45947547584758475 song library, donno how i remembered that.

TheBig3 04-26-2008 09:08 AM

I'm never sure why people make compilations like this.

James Blunt - So long Jimmy
Spin Doctors - Jimmy Olsen's Blues

SATCHMO 04-26-2008 10:04 AM

James Taylor - Sweet Baby James
Toots and the Maytals - John and James
Jim Croce - Don't Mess Around with Jim
Grateful Dead - Jimmy Row

British_pharaoh 04-26-2008 10:19 AM

Apartment - My Brother Chris

abscenceofsanity 04-27-2008 03:11 AM


I'm never sure why people make compilations like this.
my boyfriends name is james, ive found that a few of these songs kinda describe him, and that its a generic enough name that theres a few out there. plus its a good way of discovering new musicians. I tried my own name, but there wasnt much ellen out there

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