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Mrd00d 03-02-2012 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by Automaticchaos (Post 1160956)
Rage Against The Machine- The Ghost Of Tom Joad(Bruce Springsteen)
Lake Off Fire- Nirvana(meat puppets)
The Man Who Sold The World- Nirvana(david bowie)
Sumertime Blues- Rush(blue cheer)

Nice choices! Rush has some killer ones. The whole Feedback album is excellent!


Summertime Blues
Heart Full of Soul** so damn good
For What It's Worth
The Seeker

The Budokan Disciple 03-07-2012 08:38 PM

I actually prefer Frankie goes to Hollywood's version of "Born to Run" to the Springsteen original.
Bruce Spingsteen - Trapped (J. Cliff)
Nirvana - Man who sold the world. (D. Bowie)
Megan Washington - Straight Lines (Silverchair)
Ash Grunwald - Smokestake Lightening (Howlin' Wolf)

Scopitone 03-10-2012 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by Urban Hatemonger (Post 680876)
If a song can be made 'good' by covering it then surely that means the song was good in the first place and it's only the original performance of it that was bad.

Unless of course it means good as in the cover has a comical or satirical slant on the original in which it's still a bad song anyway regardless of how good you think it is, otherwise why parody it?

Just what I was going to say.

I think even a song like "Oops, I Did it Again" can show its value as a fun pop song when it's given personal interpretation by other artists. All you have to do is surf a bit of youtube to see all the bands who have covered it to realize it's a decent song under all that teenybopper production. (Or maybe I am confused, and it's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" that I mean. . .)

Phantom Limb 03-10-2012 12:50 PM

I don't know if someone already posted this, but it probably deserves to be posted twice regardless just because it's that good.

sopsych 03-11-2012 10:06 AM

Roberta Flack & Maxi Priest - Set The Night To Music - YouTube
The original, by Starship, is album filler.

I was tempted to cite Downtown Train, but the song is fine except for the vocals.

Sansa Stark 03-12-2012 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by ShortcutToLast (Post 1164665)
Have you guys heard the cover of True Faith by Anberlin? Good cover/bad song!

Leave and never come back.

True Faith = awesome song by an awesome band
Anberlin = no1curr

Bloozcrooz 03-13-2012 08:25 PM

How bout a bad cover of a good song? LMAO!! Im sorry but this vid cracks me up

Mr November 03-13-2012 08:43 PM

Incognito covered by The Lost Fingers originally by Celine Dion.

Lost in the 80s is basically a bunch of good covers of crappy 80s songs.

Salami 03-14-2012 01:23 PM

I know this may seem like a plug for my hero Chris Thile, but he and the Punch Brothers did an absolutely fantastic job on improving an old classic by Jimmy Rogers called "Brakeman's Blues". The original has the merit of being old, respectable and classic, but it pales into insignificance when compared with the 2006 version from Chris and the lads. Jimmy has been outplayed, outclassed and even outyodelled. Of course, Jimmy wrote the song initially, but I think the newer version is phenomenally better.

Here's Jimmy's:

And here's Chris:

DoctorSoft 03-14-2012 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by Mondo Bungle (Post 1160480)

Hell yeah.

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