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Shan 02-08-2004 05:04 AM

Desert Island Discs
If you could take only 3 albums to listen to what would they be?

2tonelol 02-08-2004 06:42 AM

1.Specials by the Specials

2.Meddle by Pink Floyd

3.Kiss This by Sex Pistols.

Why what would you take?

Shan 02-08-2004 07:44 AM

hmm, it's a hard one isn't it?

The Beat - Wha'ppen?
Bob Marley - Uprising
Al Green - Best of

abakubub 02-08-2004 08:25 AM

Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I See a Darkness
Sigur Rós - Ágætis Byrjun

C.Criggy 02-08-2004 09:08 AM

mm hard one

i'd prolly go with

Jurassic 5 - (their new one i forgot what its called)
The Strokes - Room On Fire
The Postal Service - Give Up

Rockafella Skank 02-08-2004 10:09 AM


Originally Posted by C.Criggy
Jurassic 5 - (their new one i forgot what its called)

Their first one is just Jurassic 5 - EP.

Rockafella Skank 02-08-2004 10:10 AM

I'd go with:

Binary Star - Waterworld
Wu Tang Clan - 36 Chambers
Bob Marley - Legend

Xarius 02-08-2004 10:24 AM

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
Bon Jovi - crossroads
NOFX - the war on errorism

i tried to mix it up a little there. :) don't wanna get stuck with only one genre.

MobilizeTerror 02-08-2004 06:32 PM

I would take

Anti-Flag - The Terror State

Anti-Flag - Die for the Government

Social Distortion - Somewhere between Heaven and Hell (i think thats the name)

jibber 02-08-2004 10:49 PM

Wow tough choice, but if I had to I'd choose

Taking back sunday - tell all your friends
Brand new - Deja Etendu
Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue

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