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holdyoualways 06-27-2005 10:11 AM

Favorite song to OVERplay
currently its the used-noise and kisses. love it! i also occasionaly outplay blink 182-always, the startling line-bedroom talk and the academy is-skeptics and true believers.

sleepy jack 06-27-2005 12:41 PM


if your starting the threads with those songs...

two words for you


Live Fast Die Young & Straight Edge For Me.

holdyoualways 06-27-2005 12:47 PM

unfortunately, my attention span has disappointed me again. i meant to put it in general music. oh i should just stop while im behind, huh?

Poprocks and Punk 06-30-2005 04:34 AM

What does outplay mean?

PerFeCTioNThrUSileNCe 06-30-2005 09:02 AM


i play how the getcha by the vandals a hell of a lot more than i should. same with die die my darling by the misfits. and totalimmortal by afi.

holdyoualways 07-26-2005 09:01 PM


rise against-swing life away

bobinatcat 07-26-2005 09:39 PM

no you all should listen to .... .... .... kylie minogue

gabbagabba_hey 07-27-2005 08:38 AM

vampires will never hurt you - mcr
stepping stone- minor threat
cant decide - black flag

Fenixpunk 07-27-2005 09:17 AM

I listen to Bling Bling too much, it drives my wife crazy.

everytime i come around your city *bling *bling

hookers with machineguns 07-27-2005 09:20 AM

...Lorenzo's on Yokahama tires bling bling. hahaha

Lately, I've been outplaying "chemical straight jacket" by Wolfbrigade. Not tired of it yet.

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