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Joe_ 12-16-2021 05:35 PM

Musical tattoos?
Hey all - keen to hear if anyone has any musical tats, who you have, why you got them, how you made them artistic etc.

I'm on a music binge after adding to my sleeve today. I'll add some pics to my profile once it's healed completely. I've got the below artists over the past decade (time flies...) and all of them have had a huge impact on my life with their work. It's been difficult to tie them together into one piece as there's a lot of varied logos, names, silhouettes etc. They're tied together with musical bars, notes and soon, shading.

In (rough) order of obtaining them:

1. Dash Berlin (DJ)
2. Tove Lo (pop)
3. Avicii (DJ)
4. Johnny Cash (country)
5. Phil Collins (80s pop)
6. Michael Jackson (80s pop)
7. Elvis (everyone knows Elvis...)
8. Smith & Thell (indie pop)
9. Monkey3 (psychedelic rock)
10. Rag N Bone Man (soul)
11. Kris Kristofferson (country)
12. Evanescence (rock/metal)
13. AC/DC (metal)
14. Gary Moore (rock & blues)
15. Annaca (indie)
16. Paul Simon (folk rock)

Let me know what tattoos you have or want to get! :beer:

jadis 12-16-2021 06:16 PM

Just the ten:

1) David Guetta (DJ)
2) Infected Mushroom (electronic)
3) Arcade Fire (indie rock)
4) Michael Bublé (pop)
5) Dream Theater (progressive metal)
6) Coldplay (britpop, rock)
7) Alizée (pop)
8) Pink Floyd (progressive rock)
9) Sarah Brightman (crossover classical)
10) Father John Misty (singer-songwriter)

alidonkaka 01-11-2022 12:16 AM

for me only
David Guetta (DJ) real estate istanbul

Psy-Fi 01-11-2022 06:01 AM

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