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Simsons285 05-12-2022 01:53 PM

Working in music
My dream is to work with a band on tour.
The problem is I can’t sing or play any instruments.

This is all I want to do, I’m over 30 though.

I know lots of bands have small teams who each are very skilful and lots of experience

What about working with a huge band like Westile backstreet boys etc, they have so much staff that travel with them, how can I be a tour Asidstant merchandiser etc with them?

After numerous enquiries email going to France meeting verity’s bands I’ve learned start of small, like in a local club help out bands etc.

Even then that would not get me where I want to though.

Exo 05-12-2022 02:46 PM

Have you tried having sex with the band?

SGR 05-12-2022 03:22 PM

Are you a time traveler from 1998?

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