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NY Recording Freak 02-21-2006 12:52 AM

Emo reviews
I'm new to this forum and am trying to help out local emo bands with constructive criticism with there sound and performance. People are never really honest with bands in how they can improve so show after show so they just give up after a while and never know why they failed So here is a first review,

"My only alibi" is a Emo band from NY and have just released there first EP and I want to shoot my self! We need real help here in NY with bands like this!
Out of key and with no vocal presence is the front man Dave, this guy should step aside and stick to rhythm guitar and get someone with a touch of talent to carry the band.
His live sound can raise the hair on your arm with the bad notes he hits.

The drummer and his sound stands out and is a strong presence in the band, his live performance is great but cannot carry the band with the weak in the front.
The lead guitarist is creative and is very talented but seems very restricted in this band, his talent is hard to notice with the poor recording quality of the guitar sound. Great live presence, can really keep your attention and keep you interested.
The bassist puts on a great show but has no idea what he is playing, good ideas bad notes, nothing interesting on the recording that stands out.

I really enjoy the music and 2 members sound great but the singer should step aside and give the band a chance. This is a band with some potential and I would like to see them do better.
Please give some thoughts on there sound to help them out as a band.

check them out here,

A_Perfect_Sonnet 02-21-2006 09:40 AM

First thing you should do: tell them they aren't an emo band.
Second thing you should do: tell them they should quit music.

Urban Hat€monger ? 02-21-2006 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by NY Recording Freak
"My only alibi" is a Emo band from NY and have just released there first EP and I want to shoot my self!

I thought I Want To Shoot Myself was the name of the E.P. for some reason

riseagainstrocks 02-22-2006 02:49 PM

That is what I was thinking when I listened to it. gross.

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