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Don 03-09-2006 01:36 AM

Emo Class
The substitute professor walks into the loud classroom.

“Alright settle down kids, take your seats.” The kids refuse to budge. The professor now shouts: “NOW! And that means you bung! You too boo boo!” The kids sit down unhesitatingly.
“So now that I have you attention, let me write my last name on the board.” He writes in big letters “Don.”
“I'm your musical professional today, and I want to talk about what 'Emo Music' is and name a few examples of some bands that fit the criteria." The entire class groans.
“But we already know what it is,” says bung.
“So what is it then, smarty-pants?” the professor responds.
“Emo/Emocore is a derivative of the 80s Hardcore punk scene. Emo was used as a term to describe fans of bands that had more melodic, heartfelt lyrics than that of hardcore punk. In time, hardcore changed into what we call "post-hardcore", there is a difference between "post-hardcore" and emo/emocore, and there is a HUGE difference between that and "post-hardcore influenced pop punk."
“No, not really. You see kiddies, emo is more broad and in-depth than most think. Emo was initially used to describe hardcore bands – not fans - who favored expressive vocals over the typical rants of other bands. Emo is a branch alternative/indie rock and some is very closely related to punk-pop with the use of whiny vocals, though it's a bit more intricate. But also, Emo can actually be more progressive too, full of complex guitar work, unorthodox song structures, arty effects, and extreme dynamic shifts. At first, emo was obscure – along with the known emo trends - but in the mid 90's came Sunny Day Real Estate which consequently lead to the many emo bands of today. With SDRE came the dramatic melodies and soft vocals and this spawned Weezer's second album in 1996 which featured the more catchy pop side of emo and thus emo evolved into what it is today. Who can name another important aspect of identifying emo?”
“The lyrics?” asks boo boo.
“Yes, well done young man, gold sticker for you.” boo boo starts to continuously yelp like a dog who has just acquired his favourite bone.
The professor continues, “The lyrics of emo are mostly deeply personal, usually poetry or intimate confessionals.”
boo boo interrupts; “But Nirvana, among others, has those types of lyrics in some songs, doesn't that make them emo then?”
“Absolutely not, but good question. Just because a certain band may use very similar lyrical concepts to that of an emo-style, does not mean they play emo music. And this is because the lyrical aspect of emo music is merely an addon, if you will. To qualify to be emo, you first must employ the styles listed previously, and adding the lyrics then becomes a further attribute in identifying emo, but certainly not an exclusive element. The same goes with the use of whiny-vocals. Now, who thinks The Used are emo?” No one moves. “Why not?”
bung grins and says “Because I've heard one of their songs off MTV, and they're definitely just pop-punk.”
“Well yes, The Used do have some pop-punk tracks in their music, but this does not mean they don't qualify as emo. Who here has heard their latest album 'In Love and Death'?” The class shake their heads in unison. “Well, The Used's first album has some emo elements in it too, but 'In Love and Death' features emo very dominantly in most but not all of their tracks. The Used make use of quite complex layering and unconventional song-structures while encompassing emo's trade-mark lyrical styles. So what this means is that most of the tracks off the album are emo because although it is close to pop-punk, The used take that style and add to it with the previously mentioned techniques amongst others.”
“But Greenday are punk-pop, doesn't that make them emo?” asks lespaul.
“You weren't listening. Emo is close to punk-pop yes, but it is slightly more complex, like I said. So Greenday aren't emo.”
“I still don't understand, aren't Rites of Spring emo and the first true emo band? And The Used don't sound anything at all like them.” says Crow.
“Correct, Rites of Spring were the first emo band, but incorrect that The Used don't sound anything like them. As mentioned previously, The Used have many tracks off their latest album that sounds very similar to classic emo bands such as Rites of Spring. Moreover, it should be noted that Rites of Spring don't just play emo, they also play post-hardcore, alternative pop/rock and indie rock. And this is the same for most emo bands (or any band for that matter), they do not stick to just one style."
“Oh I see, so The Used do play pop-punk but they also play emo?” asks lespaul.
“Yes! Well done, triple gold sticker for you. So now, by the same token, I hope you can see that Coheed & Cambria are also an emo band, as well as being a progressive rock band. Remember, the second part of the definition of emo says that Emo can be more on the progressive side too.”
The bell rings. “Okay kids your homework is to listen to an entire Used album and tomorrow's lesson will be on queercore which is a related style to emo.”

Merkaba 03-09-2006 01:42 AM

*Throws dart at Professor*....

"Hey dumbass you're in the wrong class. Didn't you read the sign on the door you dopey old ****, it says Rock, R o c k, and metal, thats m e t a l. Emo is 3rd corridor on your left."

*Later that afternoon with the Principal*...

"I know some of the students are tough Don, but you're fired. Oh and before you go, turn around and drop trow, I wanna check something...".

Don 03-09-2006 01:44 AM


bungalow 03-09-2006 06:56 AM

Dude, you are an idiot.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
Fucking idiot.

Don 03-09-2006 06:57 AM

rofl. Notice that that's a retort used by someone who knows they're wrong but are in denial too much so can't admit it.

bungalow 03-09-2006 07:02 AM

Oh please man. No matter how many times you set up mock "classroom scenarios, you are still wrong. The used are not an emo band. Just because you saty that pop punk, is the same thing as emo, doesnt make it true. Indian Summer, Sunny Day Real Estate, Rites Of Spring, Antioch Arrow. Those are emo bands. Not the pop shit that everybody clumps them in with.
You never cited any sources where you got the information, you never even used anything to back up the fact that The Used, or similar bands are emo. Basically you are just wrong in every aspect. I think its funny that your attemp to mock us, turned into a joke on you because it only further proves that you have absolutely no clue what emo is.

bungalow 03-09-2006 07:05 AM

Maybe you could use this to re-write your lesson plan.

Don 03-09-2006 07:12 AM

I never said emo is pop-punk, I said it's closely related to it, which it is. And I didn't cite any references because it was a play. But okay here's one:


you never even used anything to back up the fact that The Used, or similar bands are emo
Ermm, did you even read it?

Don 03-09-2006 07:19 AM


Originally Posted by bungalowbill357

Maybe you could use this to re-write your lesson plan.

ROFL. Notice how my reference was from a scholarly journal and yours was from a dodgy site that some guy made. You see, my knowledge is based on irrefutable information, and yours seems to be based on like one guy's opinion. lol

PS: I didn't read any of that site so it could be right but since you don't know what emo is, I'm guessing it's wrong or maybe you fail at simple reading and comprehension

bungalow 03-09-2006 07:52 AM

SCHOLARARY JOURNAL!!!!! Hahhahahahahahahah
What kind of an idiot scholary would actually argue that The Used are an emo band. I am through wasting my time with you, it is glaringly obvious that you dont know what the hell you are rambling about.

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