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swim 01-07-2007 07:57 PM

Fiction Like Non-Fiction
To think that acidently stumbled over these guys buy putting random bands into the search influence thing on myspace. The instrumental is awesome. The vocals are perfect. I absolutely love them [apparantly so does donny from sdrp]. They recently released a cdr on denovali records. Only like 55 made, lawl they put a leaf in the packaging.

sleepy jack 01-07-2007 07:59 PM

HOLYCRAP, I use to love these guys when I first got into emo.

Amazing band.

The Dave 01-08-2007 07:38 AM

Ethan showed me these kids a while back, they are very amazing, great music.

swim 01-20-2007 09:15 AM

A couple of them are in this band which is also pretty good.

swim 03-09-2007 03:18 PM

I got their cdr in the mail today. The art work is amazing. Seven wonderful songs as well.

Trauma 03-09-2007 03:26 PM

Thanks for that swim!

I like this band, they're money.

chinoischaos 03-11-2007 06:45 AM


ill check them out. thanks

swim 08-09-2007 08:24 PM

it's kind of ridiculous to have a 55 press release out for 7 months so the upload comes down.

since shipping from Denovali wouldn't be to great you can get from the label above along with Rick or Die which I don't have but might get.

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