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Pimp_racer 10-26-2004 04:49 PM

ive looked numerous times on google but can never get to one of there sites i always just get some bullsh.t so if u good and have a link plz send it.

David Frost 10-26-2004 05:55 PM

orchid, and page 99 broke up awhile ago.

this is ctts
panthers- ex orchid.

Pimp_racer 10-27-2004 05:31 PM

thanks david. ill listen to them right now

David Frost 10-27-2004 06:33 PM

i figured that you would have heard orchid or pg.99 seeing as how they were some of the first "screamo" bands. and you are a screamo specialist.

for orchid and pg.99 search kazaa or something. if you really want to hear them (which you should) let me know and i can send you some.

Pimp_racer 10-27-2004 07:34 PM

yes i do and will u plz send me some? if u need my email or anything just ask and ill send it.

Thrice 10-27-2004 08:40 PM

ha ha panthers are pretty good.

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