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SnakeSpiritDude 12-01-2020 10:48 AM

Unofficial Modern Baseball Thread
So, MoBo is one of my favorite bands, and I haven't seen a thread about them on here yet, so I started this. You can just talk about like whatever about this band here, and I'll be interested. Not sure how many of you guys are into this band, but it's worth a shot.

Tristan_Geoff 12-01-2020 11:44 AM

I only really listen to Holy Ghost but I love it

Tristan_Geoff 12-01-2020 11:44 AM

Ps look under my username for a lyric reference, been there for years

SnakeSpiritDude 12-01-2020 11:46 AM


Originally Posted by Tristan_Geoff (Post 2147556)
Ps look under my username for a lyric reference, been there for years

I've seen that before, I was like, "Is that a Wedding Singer reference?" Probably one of their best songs, but if we're talking Holy Ghost, imma go with "Everyday."

foreignwarlock 12-30-2020 07:15 PM

modern baseball is my favorite band, and honestly I think I finally understand why they broke up. I read in an article called "modern baseball is okay!" that said Brendan was stealing money from the bands funds, and using it to fuel his addictions before and after he went into treatment. I definitely know for sure that 'Hiding' from Holy Ghost is about Brendan in some way.

I just hope you all are listening to jakes new project slaughter beach, dog

they just came out with a new record "on the moonbase" and its sweet sweet.


SnakeSpiritDude 01-15-2021 07:13 AM

Hi man, sorry for the late reply.
I didn't know he was stealing money, that sucks. Slaughter Beach, dog is pretty awesome, and I feel like this is Jake taking his storytelling songwriting skills to another level. They seem like a band who found their sound, but like to incorporate different elements on every new release. As much as I like Dog, I feel like I can never put it above MoBo. The only band that I somehow find a way to listen to their material everyday.

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