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*Bullets_Love* 09-09-2005 06:41 PM

What Defines.....
Emo.........Im asuming that everyone here knows that emo means emotional right..........Well I think that its SO stupid to label somthing EMO. Every band out there put put emotion into their songs.........right...............A lot of people say that emo is like wearing all black.....and CRAP like that.............I think that if you put your heart and soul into it, that every thing is emotional.

wat iz your opinion.......because thats mine^
:hphones: :hphones: :hphones: :hphones:

P.S: Im preparing to get very rude comments but I dont
care because thats just an opinion

.angie. 09-09-2005 06:56 PM

Yes, every band/group has emotion in their lyrics. Which is why some people probably get confused when categorizing bands. Emo is generally depressing and sad.. Doubt this helps much. Emo = Emotional punk. That's the easiest way I can explain it to you.

jesus 09-09-2005 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by .angie.
Emo = Emotional punk.

uhm, no

.angie. 09-09-2005 07:02 PM

Then you try and explain it better. It's kinda hard to explain it to someone that doesn't really know. I was only trying to help her..

jesus 09-09-2005 07:13 PM

isn't there a sticked thread that explains it or something?

.angie. 09-09-2005 07:15 PM

Yes, but apparently new members can't read.. But they know how to type with purple font and use emoticons.

sleepy jack 09-09-2005 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by jesus
uhm, no

Technically it is...its just been twisted and warped far from its roots now.

*Bullets_Love* 09-09-2005 08:27 PM

Sry my lazy a*s is to lazy to scroll right now and I wouldnt call me a n00b cause for a long time I was on as *pirates_Brat* and thats why I can do all that crap........................and I know wat Emo is Im Just asking 4 an opinion on it.

*Bullets_Love* 09-09-2005 08:28 PM

Vote ppl GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! Why you think i have a poll grrrr

.angie. 09-09-2005 08:31 PM

Good question, 'cause I really don't know the purpose of the poll.

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