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i_in_the_sky 06-24-2004 10:14 AM

seeking singer and bassist in Lehigh Valley, PA Area
drummer and guitarist looking for a singer and bassist in lehigh valley area . lately we have been listening to stuff like...

bright eyes, modest mouse, cursive, fugazi, the pixies, braid, death cab for cutie, hey mercedes, bad astronaut, brand new, alkaline trio, coldplay, radiohead, ours, evoka, the church, the cure, the smiths, morrissey, the get up kids, hot hot heat, the international noise conspiracy, the jazz june, joe jackson, joe strummer and the mescaleros, the beatles, the kinks, the lawrence arms, zeppelin, pink floyd, pedro the lion, desaparecidos, the dismemberment plan, piebald, pretty girls make graves, the ramones, the clash, saves the day, lagwagon, smashing pumpkins, sugarcult, superdrag, van morrison, weezer, xtc, built to spill.

... if you are interested in any of that... make a reply, email me at, or send me an instant message at iintheskyy . we have about 8 songs written for drums and guitar. i have a few recorded. if you want to hear them send me an instant message. we are looking for people from age 14-17 . thanks.


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