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ALotOfNoiseMusic 10-15-2020 03:13 PM

Searching for classic songs to complete my collection
Hi from germany!

I am a big fan of independent and alternatrive music and listen to it for the last two decades.

Due to corona i got a lot of time to set up some spotify playlists for me and my friends. One friend told me to share these playlists with others and so i created simple music blog.

These playlists have a simple concept:
Three years are put together in about 3-4 CD like sets. This is the best way for me cause i dont like these extra large playlists with hundrets of songs. I just want to listen to a short period of music history for about one or two hours.

I have made a lot of research on other websites and can't find more songs that fit my rules.

Maybe some of you can help me to add more songs to my lists.

That would be great. :beer:

Here is the link:

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