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AltRockJunkie 11-21-2020 01:46 PM

Alternative Rock from 1999/2000
Hi, I grew up with an amazing radio station which stuck with the alternative rock format and didn't jump on the rap/rock bandwagon of the late 90s. Anyway, I am trying to remember bands/songs from this time period. This is the type of stuff the radio station played.

Tin Star - head
Dexter Freebish - leaving town
Elwood - sundown
Joe 90 - drive
Papa Vegas - bombshell
Dovetail Joint - level on the inside
Stir - new beginning
Caviar - tangerine speedo
Clarks- better off without you
Blinker the star- below the sliding door
TaxiRide- get set
Splender- yeah whatever

The rap/rock stations at the time didn't play any of these songs. Also, most of these songs are either forgotten now or no one plays them anymore. I am hoping someone can help me remember more rare songs from this time period of alternative rock. Thanks in advance!

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