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gettingwop 02-15-2008 08:24 PM

I'm new to the site
Whats up everyone, I'm new to this site. I have been involved with music recording, and song writing/performing for a while. This past year I enrolled in a music recording program, and have been getting alot of time in some professional studio settings. I'm interested in a wide variety of musical styles, and although I primarily listen to hip-hop. I am frequently involved in different forms of rock, and mixes of the two. I have a DAW, and a few instruments, a couple mics, and expanding every chance I get. I work on a college radio station in my area 105.5 wsfx. Before I forget I'm from Dallas, PA which is a small town about an hour and a half north of Philadelphia. I am currently in a running to have a position as a personality on a much larger radio station in my area. I'm hoping for it to go through, and if anyone can vote for me at the weekender's website I would really appreciate it. I have to post 15 times before I can post the link, however I love music, it shouldn't take long haha..and the link will be posted in the 'lounge' so please check in there, and vote if you can I need all the support I can get. I will be talking with you guys soon...Glad to be a member

Nosmada 02-15-2008 08:43 PM

Hello, and welcome. I hope you enjoy this site as much as i have in my short time.

Urban Hat€monger ? 02-15-2008 09:10 PM

Posting 15 times just to post a link to some voting site is against the rules and will get your account banned.

Just thought i'd point that out.

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