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Taylor0o9 03-11-2013 04:19 PM

Hello I'm Taylor.
Hello, I'm Taylor I am of age 14. So you want to know more well here you go.

As I said I am 14, I am a drummer and I'm also in a band called Another Note which we have a Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass and Drums; you're all thinking well wheres the singer, to answer that there isn't one; we're still on the hunt for a good singer. Now more onto me not the band:) I'm not the normal teenage kid, who sits on there backside playing Call Of Duty or any of crap, I do a lot to do with Computer and no I don't look at Facebook Twenty Four Seven. What I do is, Web Design (Dreamweaver CS6), Graphic Design (Photoshop CS6), Video Editing (Adobe Premiere CS6), Audio Editing (Adobe Audition CS6), Building Computers. Now okay seems a lot and yes I must agree. Now I missed out one for a reason just so I could talk about it, I do 3D design for a game called "Farming Simulator 2013" now I'm not part of the company but this game allows for people to mod for it to add extra Tractors, Combines and so forth; Now I can't just make a model and shove it in now can I? I need a team to get Texturing, In-gaming ect done, so that's where one of my teams come into this introduction, they're called TN-Modding, you will find us on Facebook and Twitter and also a forum called Obviously this must mean I like farming, well I must say that's a valid guess!

Thank you for reading! (Doubt you read it all),

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