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JiggleMonster 01-21-2017 11:52 AM

JiggleMonster here
Hey, all. My name is Brandon, I am from Atlanta-ish, Georgia (United States).

I have been playing guitar for over 10 years now, and I am 24 years old. I have been a member of another guitar/music forum since 2005, where I post pretty frequently. I figured I'd take some time on my day off to see what else is out there. I've tried new forums in the past, and none have really stuck, but I looked around here and it seems like a cool place. Not too populated, not too vacant.

take it easy, don't be sleezy, and certainly not cheezy.

JiggleMonster 01-21-2017 11:53 AM

So does a mod have to inspect each post before allowing them to show...? if so, how long does that normally take?

EPOCH6 01-21-2017 12:02 PM

Welcome aboard, what have you been listening to lately?

The post confirmation thing doesn't happen very often, only on threads or in sections where it has been set to screen posts I think.

JiggleMonster 01-21-2017 12:11 PM

Ah, I see. So I notice there is a post counter below our avatars. Mine is still at zero, though I've made several posts. What's that about?

I listened to Meshuggah's new album Violent Sleep Of Reason when it first came out not too long ago. I recently went through a J.Cole kick. Right now, I'm about to check out the new Code Orange album, Forever.

and yourself? I need new albums to check out.

grindy 01-21-2017 12:20 PM

Welcome to MB.

Only posts in the music section count, which is why you have 0.

JiggleMonster 01-21-2017 12:38 PM

Okay, cool. Thanks, ya'll!

The Batlord 01-21-2017 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by JiggleMonster (Post 1798176)
take it easy, don't be sleezy, and certainly not cheezy.

That pretty much disqualifies me, then.

JiggleMonster 01-21-2017 01:20 PM

I like you already.

The Batlord 01-21-2017 01:24 PM

We'll see about that.

JiggleMonster 01-21-2017 01:31 PM

If you look anything like wonder woman, then I like you a lot.

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