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duality 12-13-2006 11:19 PM

Guess What?
What's up guys, i just dropped by to share some info bout this magazine that i saw in a news stand this morning. It has Elvis Presley's image as the mag's cover, chito said (that's the owner of the news stand) it's highly collectible 'cause it has 4 different images of Elvis plus a CD. He also said that the CD includes a previously unreleased version of Elvis "It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You", and Elvis music video signing "Blue Christmas".

Well that's what he said, i'm just making a conversation.
Oh, and the name of the mag is tv guide magazine, just so you know.

So, what do you think guys?

TheBig3 12-16-2006 11:03 AM

Well I think that TV Guide mag is crap, and Elvis was largely overblown in my opinion, but some of the tunes he performed were pretty good. I just don't think the values that appealed to people then are the same thing people want now. Elvis was "shocking" at one point. Hes not every close now and with some of that sheen gone its only the music that carries him, so I have to imagine it accounts for some of his "failure" to stand time.

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