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TheBig3 04-18-2005 11:03 AM

Whats the deal
With the exception of Tom Waits, every artist I mention gets ignored (post wise). Does anyone here listen to Jazz beyond the conventional greats? I mean I like Parker and Davis, but can't we talk about the Bad Plus, Gnappy, or Action Figure Party some times?

Betty's Blonde 04-19-2005 04:51 AM

Sorry TheBig3.
I'd love to chat about the Bad Plus and Gnappy but i've never listened to them so there's nothing for me to say. I'll track some down and get back to you on this when I've had a listen.

Betty's Blonde 04-20-2005 03:29 AM

I've had a listen to Gnappy, a very impressive form of aggresive, funky acid jazz. I love the way the tinny drum sound blends with the heavy bass. the sax player a bit tasty too. I only had a listen to a few short samples (can't download much I'm only phone connected, no broadband in the bush yet and I can't afford satelite) but I heard enough to slip into town at the weekend and see if I can get a copy.
Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

Betty's Blonde 04-20-2005 03:38 AM

[QUOTE= Does anyone here listen to Jazz beyond the conventional greats? QUOTE]
Surely the whole idea/meaning of jazz is to be uncoventional, no parameters.
It only becomes conventional when it becomes popular and is used as a measuring stick to judge what follows.

TheBig3 04-23-2005 11:29 AM

Late for the short bus and black cabbage are awesome, I think the single was purple cadillac, I've tried to get their CD so many times and no one in the north east has a copy, I think I could only order it from them in texas.

drumczar 09-08-2006 12:14 AM

Kevin, drummer for Gnappy here. I know these post were put up about a year ago, but in case anyone involved still sees these, thanks for the kind words.
We made our way up east this summer, to promote the release of our 3rd disc, titled "UnLoadEd" It's doing quite well, getting lots of college radio airplay around the country, as well as some regular jazz format stations, and has been added to XM Radio's Beyond Jazz station, #72
We're still based in Austin, Texas, but hope to get back to the east coast in January for another run.
I was randomly Googleing our name, and several pages in found a link to this thread. I'm now a member. Never seen this site before, but I like it.
All three releases, as well as other Gnappy paraphernalia, are available on our site. Come visit, and post something in our blog section.
Hope to hear from any folks from here soon, and check our tour schedule.

ralfsmith 10-15-2006 12:15 PM

Oh its very interesting. Could you provide me more information ?

TheBig3 11-13-2007 10:29 AM

Is this the only case of a band member coming here and throwing his appreciation behind a post?

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