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Rockafella Skank 12-25-2003 01:23 AM

Is Miles Davis the greatest ever?
A lot of people think he is and others think he isn't. I happen to think he is is. The Kind of Blue album was just spectacular. He brought in the best people on that album and it shows as I think it's the best Jazz album ever made. What do you think of Miles Davis and Kind of Blue?

IamAlejo 12-26-2003 10:57 PM

"If peeing your pants is cool then I'm Miles Davis."
-Old Lady from Billy Madison

....sorry, just thought I'd bring back an old quote.

Rockafella Skank 12-28-2003 11:09 PM

I know back in the day anything Miles Davis did was copied by his millions of fans. My dad was telling me how whatever Miles Davis wore, he wore. He's a big jazz fan and I know Miles is his favorite.

Meghan 02-23-2004 03:23 PM

I love Miles Davis. Extremely talented.

All_Nite_Dinah 10-23-2004 11:31 PM

i really like Miles Davis but theres alot of other greats too. Coltrane, herbie Han****, Dizzy Gillespie, and Duke Ellignton to name a few. But My persoanl favorite jazz bandwould probobly have to be the Alpha boys.

soundgardenrox 11-26-2004 05:22 PM

i'll go a step further and say he was the greatest american musician there ever was!!!!
Without Miles there would be no Satriani, no Vai, or no good music for that matter!!!

Oi_To_The_World 12-02-2004 06:35 PM

overall i like coltrane a lil better than miles davis, but i would rather listen to miles davis, if that makes any sense...

WeIRd lIl MosHeR FrEak 12-03-2004 10:40 AM

hmm i'd say miles davis is definately one of the greats, but there is still the issue og coltrane 12-22-2004 06:40 AM

No he is not...

All_Nite_Dinah 12-22-2004 08:58 PM

No one ever understands anyone elses favorite band anyway.

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