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tiaka 07-07-2021 11:25 PM

Alternate foot tapping for shuffle / swing ?
I am trying to learn to keep my timing correct while playing the guitar.
I can do straight rhythm in 4/4 (crochets).
I am using alternate foot taps.
One for the beat and one for the offbeat.
Seems to work well.

My questions is:
How do I do alternate foot taps for swing / shuffle in 4/4?

How I understand it, there is 4 triplets per bar.
The first two quavers are tied.
So, the emphasis is on the first and third quaver of the triplet.

But I am confused on how to tap the beat / offbeat with my feet.

Do I tap the shuffle beat, (first and second quavers) or do I tap a straight rhythm, beat / offbeat? (As in crochets).
Or do I do something else?

Confused, so am I. :)

Thanks very much in advance.
If some someone could shed some light on this that would be fantastic.


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