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Scarlett O'Hara 01-21-2006 09:34 PM

The Film Review Thread
New or old, review films that you liked/disliked.

I'm going to review Three Seasons Starring Harvey Keitel (1999 October film) Subtitled.

A beautiful movie about three different stories: a young boy who peddles trinkets at tourist traps meets an ex-GI searching for the daughter he left behind; a cyclo driver falls in love with a proud young prostitute; and a woman hired to pick white lotuses becomes the salvation for a dying poet.

The whole setting was magical, the woman on a gorgeous lake picking flowers, the young boy walking around in the pouring rain all the time and the cyclo driver always waiting for the prostitute at fancy hotels to take her home saftely. It was a simple movie, but had a strong moral value to it. If you can get past subtitles you can see how well these actors potrayed the innocence of wanting life to be different. It's amazing the lengths people will go to for someone elses happiness. I think it was made in Veitnam (sp?).

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