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Cheese 07-15-2006 06:06 PM

No Longer A Teenager.
Happy birthday Luke M UK. Have a good one mate.

right-track 07-15-2006 06:06 PM

All the best mate. :beer:

What you getting...a free bus pass? A bus perhaps?

explosions-in-my-pants 07-15-2006 06:25 PM

happy birthday... wooo!

Laces Out Dan! 07-15-2006 06:27 PM

Happy Birthday

tdoc210 07-15-2006 06:49 PM

Hello sir, and happy birthday. I hope you get a Mint condition boombox.

Blain 07-15-2006 07:19 PM

I hope you get that bear in your avatar:) Or you can get mine and yours and we can breed them and have mutant cussing and dancing babies:)

tdoc210 07-15-2006 08:19 PM

^ You are a perverted weirdo. =/

Mephistopheles 07-15-2006 08:58 PM

cheers, man.

Raine 07-15-2006 11:39 PM

Feliz cumpleanos LukeM

Hope you have fun.

I'll have a drink in your honor :beer:

Merkaba 07-16-2006 02:54 AM

Happy birthday young fella.

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