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Edgil 03-17-2004 07:16 PM

It all depends on your mood..

if you are ready for some hardcore eatin' action grab the crunnnnnchy
if you are going for that soft smooth shaved vagina feel to your sandwich go for teh creeeeaaamy

jesus 08-10-2005 08:11 PM

who keeps bringing back all these old threads?!

Hoffa For President 08-10-2005 08:15 PM

idk...but msooth for simon.

ladyluckrules 08-10-2005 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by jesus
who keeps bringing back all these old threads?!

It's weird, they probably searched for peanut butter then voted without posting, scariness.

Imonlydancing 08-11-2005 04:14 AM

eeksh. a lot of old threads are coming back with people who i have no idea know, who i haven't seen posting in a while.

marshmallowmonkey 08-11-2005 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by MobilizeTerror
:p It tastes like 1,000,000 times better but no one seems to want to try it. lol

if you are the trying kind,try SMOOTH peanut butter and jelly in pancakes.

Urban Hat€monger ? 08-11-2005 09:37 AM

Whichever is easier to lick off Lindsays naked body

tdoc210 08-11-2005 09:41 AM

smooth and crunchy combined

HomesickAtSpaceCamp 08-11-2005 10:09 AM

whats the point in that......... then you just have less crunchy pb

Imonlydancing 08-11-2005 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by Hoffa For President
idk...but msooth for simon.


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