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Celladorina 03-24-2011 06:04 AM

The Rest in Peace Thread (RIP)
Today, I want to say RIP to dear Elizabeth Taylor. She was a fantastic and most beautiful actress in her hey day. May she enjoy her time in heaven with Micheal Jackson the lost boy.

Guybrush 03-24-2011 06:31 AM

I don't believe in an afterlife and so I don't believe the phrase "rest in peace" is necessary, but I would like to take the opportunity to remember the late Pip Pyle (1950 - 2006), a great drummer and awesome songwriter from bands such as Gong, Hatfield and the North, National Health and his own project called Bash!.

Here's Hatfield and the North's song Fitter Stoke has a Bath which was written by Pip Pyle. Fitter Stoke was the name of his daughter's imaginary friend and the woman called Pamela in the song is his wife.

You don't suspect my life's a mess,
you prob'ly think it's groovy
Meeting people everyday,
see some place abroad...
And I admit that when the time is right,
it can be quite a laugh
But you know, that's not often
Eventually, I think that you will agree,
I'm only putting lines out
and shifting gears, missing years disappear

And as for you, I couldn't bear to think of it -
they said you were Swedish
You asked me for a chocolate bar,
then you went and spoiled it all by eating it
What a pain, what a nause!
You can imagine my delight
was like some R. Crumb magazine come to life
Thank you ladies you had us all
I hope you both enjoyed it

But just the same
I'm happy just to sit around at home
With Pamela looking elegant and writing prose
If anyone's in need of me
I'm drowning in the bathroom

Bing billy bong - silly song's going wrong
Ping pong ping, clong cling dong
Tie me up, turn me on

Bing billy bang, desperate dan, frying pan
Cling clong cling, bong bing bang, Michael Miles, bogey man

Ahh, bliss :) May his memory and music live on!

djchameleon 03-24-2011 07:28 AM

I will look to say R.I.P. to Michael Gough the guy that played Alfred, the trusted butler of Bruce Wayne in a couple of the batman movies

Gough, the British actor who performed in more than 150 movies and television shows, including British science-fiction show "Doctor Who," died at home in England on Thursday, March 17, 2011. He was 94.

At least he lived a long life.

Edit: Misunderstood thread

The Virgin 03-24-2011 07:39 AM


Originally Posted by djchameleon (Post 1023839)
you might want to merge this thread

into the new RIP thread but I dunno if that was your intention or not.

Is this thread supposed to be dedicated to any individual that passes and they all get lumped into this same thread?

ah, sometimes, i just feel pure love for you.

anyway, regarding the subject matter, i am sadden by this news. she was one of my mother's idols and she's one of the most beautiful faces on earth, as what my mother quoted.

Guybrush 03-24-2011 07:44 AM

The way I read it, this thread is not for any one particular person. I hope I got it right, though.

crukster 03-24-2011 08:03 AM

Yeah it's like a rememberance thread, that's what I thought.

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

R.I.P. to Wacko Jacko, the dude is arguably one of the most influential musicians of my life, probably a lot of people can say the same

R.I.P. my Nan

R.I.P. Bonzo

and R.I.P. to this dude, Barış Manço, one of the other most influential musicians of my life

Celladorina 03-24-2011 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by crukster (Post 1023855)

R.I.P. my Nan

Awww. *hugs*

Celladorina 03-25-2011 05:31 AM


Originally Posted by tore (Post 1023842)
The way I read it, this thread is not for any one particular person. I hope I got it right, though.

You certainly did. I was not trying to steal The Phanastasios thunder as I made this thread before I saw theirs.

Howard the Duck 03-25-2011 06:50 AM

I would like to dedicate my sincerest props to Smiley Culture, who committed suicide a few days ago. If it weren't for this man, I'd still think UB40 is the apex of reggae and my only other exposure was the novelty reggae hit Fatty Boom Boom:-

which is a bit weird cos it's a bit of a novelty hit in itself, but is a true reggae classic

philcollins 03-26-2011 06:54 AM

RIP she was a real legend of hollywood true beauty in her day aswell

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