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Key 06-22-2018 09:44 PM

Your Favorite Moments In MB History
Let's cut right to the chase, a lot of us here have either been here a long time, or have been here for only a few years, or even a few months. The "banned" thread got me thinking about other things that I remember from past members etc etc. I'm curious to know what your guys's favorite moments from MB are. They can be anything from a certain member doing something out of the ordinary, or just a personal moment you had here that you have fond memories of.

Obviously this means that there may be posts about members or instances that have happened that could bring up some controversy. So, before that, I'd just like to request that we keep things pretty civil in here. I'm also gonna ask that if a mod does see things spiraling out of control, I'm more than ok with this thread being closed temporarily or permanently if it comes to it. I feel like we're all getting used to the feeling of a community here again, and it'd just be fun to reminisce about things that we remember. If possible, again, let's just try to keep things on a light note and keep things from spiraling. We've managed to keep our cool as a community for a week or so now, and I feel like it's gradually getting better. But, I could be wrong. Wishful thinking I suppose.

And, with me going first, i'm still going to hold my "under" phase as one of my favorite times at this forum. To be fair, during that time, I didn't really find it funny since I was being targeted a lot, but let's face it, I brought it upon myself. But if you're interested in laughing along, here:

Goofle 06-22-2018 09:49 PM

My sig quotes.


Key 06-22-2018 09:51 PM

^that youtube fail by Chula is still pretty funny.

Goofle 06-22-2018 09:57 PM

*those *fails *are


Oriphiel 06-22-2018 10:00 PM

Like watching a car crash in slow motion:


Key 06-22-2018 10:09 PM

omg i forgot about roscoe

Neapolitan 06-22-2018 10:13 PM

The most recent one I can recall was discovering that Nick1976 could also possibly be Nick1977, Marla1977. and Marla1978.

Right before UrbanHatemonger left he had a shaky avatar, and his details read "triggering intensifies" or something to that effect.

A few MS Paint junk I've done.

To set this up, I noticed a little animosity between The Batlord and Kiiii (back then he was just called "Ki.") So I made this "meme" or whatever you what to call it to celebrate this animosity. I didn't word it exactly the way that would explain the whole scenario. So anyway premise is Ki goes back in time, but not back in time in the history of the world, but back in his own biological time. Way back way before he was a toddler or a baby, back even before he was a zygote. Another thing which is important, this MSpaint-meme also explores the grandfather paradox.
Spoiler for the grandfather paradox:

Key 06-22-2018 10:15 PM

^best setup to a picture I have ever read.

Frownland 06-22-2018 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by Frownland (Post 1948654)
A group of comrades discussing their friend Karam:
"Gentlemen, something's not right with Karam, he shat in my vodka yesterday. "
"Guys, I think he's fine. He's always been pretty normal."
The room chattered with agreement.
A bang came from the end of the table. Vjatscheslav unclenched his fist and rose.
"Are you blind? Brothers! Karamazov! We have to do something."
Karam was executed the next day.


Neapolitan 06-22-2018 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by Kiiii (Post 1965158)
^best setup to a picture I have ever read.

Thanks. :)

I always bad at prediction, but thread of the year.

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