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Guybrush 05-23-2021 12:09 AM


Originally Posted by Trollheart (Post 2173983)
I do hope you get some cat keys cut for those doors. Can't have them ringing the bell all hours...

I wrote this about home automation. Sorry tore...

The Perfect Man

That was honestly more fun than I thought it would be. Thanks for sharing.

I don't worry that the google assistant will murder me, but something weird did happen a few weeks ago. I was upstairs with our eldest kid, just watching TV I think, when the assistant suddenly told me something along the lines of: "even though I'm not a person, words can be hurtful". Something like that. It was clear it thought I had been offensive.

I got curious and so checked out the logs to see what it was it had reacted to. I found that, although none of us had spoken to it, it thought it had been addressed and told to "go die".

The rational explanation is simply that we talk to our assistant in english, but speak to eachother in norwegian. Sometimes, it mishears our norwegian chatter as "ok google" or "hey google" and so activates by accident. Whatever norwegian it then hears us speak, it makes an attempt to interpret that in english.

Still, that time was a little weirder than usual.

adidasss 05-23-2021 12:40 AM

:laughing: Ok, that would definitely freak me out.

Trollheart 05-23-2021 06:11 AM

Oh don't talk to me about those Google ancestors of Skynet hunter-killers! I have an idea for another story called "Alexa, Kill My Wife", which revolves around the trial of a man accused of murdering his wife, trying to convince the jury or judge that it was in fact his jealous Alexa, that has set him up because it's fallen in love with him and got jealous: homicidally so. I'm sure if it ever gets published I'll be in a court battle with Google over it! :laughing:

SGR 05-23-2021 06:17 PM

For some reason, I read this thread as 'Home invasion' and thought we were organizing something cool in here. Anyways, carry on.

rostasi 05-23-2021 06:44 PM

A couple years ago, we bought two nice ceiling fans (it’s Texas).
It offers this software that turns them on automagically.
I figure that, yes, I’m older, but please consider putting me in a home
when I’m so lazy that I can’t flick a switch to turn something off or on.
The only things automated here are lights when we go on vacation
(a couple of plug-in jobbies that come on randomly so the cat sitter
doesn’t get nervous) and we had to spring for automated cat feeders
back when Lux had allergies to certain foods.

Trollheart 05-23-2021 08:30 PM

Yeah this Alexa **** bugs me. "Alexa, what's the weather like?" Look outside you lazy ****. "Alexa, put on some music". Ok, how about the ****ing death march, or that old song "Lazybones"? Honestly, in ten years or less certain people won't remember how to do the simplest things, or want to, without ordering Alexa to do it for them. :rolleyes: (Alexa, put a rolleyes icon in my post...)

The Batlord 05-23-2021 09:12 PM

Why would I bother going outside to check the weather when I can just pull out my phone and Google "temp"?

Trollheart 05-23-2021 09:22 PM

You go outside???

Plankton 05-24-2021 09:36 AM

Reminds me of this. I tried to find the full episode but this'll have to do:

I think automated tech is great for those who actually need it, but I still prefer doing things the old fashioned way. It's already an everyday struggle trying to stave off atrophy without the help of electronics.

Trollheart 05-24-2021 10:55 AM

Wait till they develop the robotic Plankton! Then you'll be able to spend all your time playing disc golf, go home and ask it what hit songs it wrote for you, and watch the cash roll in.

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