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10 Years - Beautiful - Lyrics Meaning

The highly successful song "Beautiful" by rock band 10 years was first premiered to the world in 2008. The song proved to be a hit for the band. Beautiful reached the top ten on the rock charts and spent a whopping twenty six weeks on the chart. The song proved to be successful, but what is the deeper meaning to this song?

Like the vast majority of 10 years' songs, the song "beautiful" has a deeper meaning. If you watch the official video for beautiful and absorb the lyrics on the song, it is about having a deeper meaning. The video and the lyrics speak about an individual who on the outside has a beautiful appearance. However, the inside of this individual is not so comparable.

The song is quite relevant to the fact that beauty is not just about what is on the outside of a person. The individual in the song is easy on the eyes on the outside, but the individual is still full of insecurities. With the video and the lyrics of the song "beautiful", it is easy to associate the song with an individual that is not as beautiful as they appear to be. The individual is caught up in being someone that they are not, living a lie, being shallow, and being materialistic.

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