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10 Years - Wasteland - Lyrics Meaning

In 2005, the song "Wasteland" by rock band 10 years was released. The song was extremely successful and climbed the rock charts. When listening to the song, many individuals find that there are various different interpretations about what the song is truly about. Some people interpret the song to be about the world and war and for others, the song is about drug abuse and addiction of some sort.

The hit song by 10 years is generally about addiction. The song is about a struggle to overcome the obstacles and troubles that they are battling. However, this does not necessarily mean that the song is about drug addiction, although, this is a very common interpretation. This particular song can be related to any type of struggle and addiction.

The most important part of "Wasteland" is the fact that so many people can relate to the song. All of their relations could be quite different, but they all find a way to connect themselves with the lyrics. Everyone interprets the song differently and relates to the song in a unique way, which is what makes the song powerful. In the end, it is all about succeeding the battle and breaking free from the wasteland; whatever that may be.

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Jul 28, 2015 @ 5:17 pm
When I first heard it, I thought it was about abuse or something. (I was about 13 at the time)
Perhaps the video was what influenced that thought with the lady who appeared to be beaten and dirty, someone who didn't like where they were (They also even appeared to work, I thought the scene was set in an ledc)
The ledc thing also kind of comes from the very start of the video where you can see clothes in the back ground.

The lyrics "Should I? Could I?" represented the breaking down of ones confidence, when one is subjected to enough torture, they start to fear anything and the consequences even more.
Presumably something petty and necessary for survival in the case of the video.
There's also the part with the guys who are scarred, I know there's text like "attacked by lion" but without any context, you could assume someone had the lion attack him. (I hate to get any darker than what the song already is but I kind of get the idea of slavery from it)

There's just too many ways to look at the song and in such detail that really, it's impossible to get a 'definitive' meaning without asking the people who made it.

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