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Adele - Rolling in the Deep - Lyrics Meaning

`Rolling in the Deep' is the first single released by Adele on her album `21'. Adele herself describes this song as a "dark, bluesy, gospel, disco tune." The son is meant to be a kiss off son by Adele speaking to a former boyfriend who had done her wrong in the past. In her words she wrote this song as her own personal reaction to being told that she was weak if she did not stay in the relationship she was in. She admits "I was angry" when I wrote this song following the ending of a tumultuous relationship. The title of the song `Rolling in the Depp' was derived from a UK slang phrase roll deep.

She wrote this song the day after her relationship ended and took only a few hours to complete. She initially sat down to write a love one wring type of song but was coerced to write a more feisty song instead and `Rolling in the Deep' was written that day. The songs' lyrics of this song tell the story of a love gone wrong. It paints a picture of a strong female who will overcome the end of the relationship and move on to bigger and better things. The former boyfriend who inspired Adele to write this song as well as many others on this album is Slinky Winfield who is an actor and musician in Britain.

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