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Adele - Set Fire to the Rain - Lyrics Meaning

The song "Set Fire to the Rain' was co-written by both Adele and Fraser T Smith and is part of a compilation of songs which were inspired by her recent break up with her first real boyfriend that had recently ended. In an interview with `Q' Magazine Adele says that she came up with the title for this song "in the middle of the night" and that it is somewhat like "chasing pavement, you can't do it" This was the third son from the album to reach #1 on the album charts. This was the first time that a female artist had 3 top hits on the Hot 100 all from the same album.

The lyrics tell the story of Adele falling in love and goes on to explain how hard she fell as described in the line "You and me together, nothing is better." However, it then goes on to explain the pain and torment that she felt in the relationship as she delivers the powerful lines "Well, I felt something die cause I knew that this was the last time." It tells the story of the emotional toll of a relationship that has gone wrong. This is why the songs powerful lyrics were so well perceived; everyone can relate to the lyrics in this song and how it felt to lose your first real love.

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