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Aerosmith - Pink - Lyrics Meaning

Aerosmith came into the limelight during the 1970s, ever since then - they have been very popular. The band has been touring a lot these days, and they couldn't ask for anything more. The band consists of 5 members, most notably is Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

'Pink' is a single that the band produced in the late '90s. The song itself is a bit of a mystery due to what the lyrics say, but many people state that is has to do with a woman's reproductive organs. The song doesn't relay anything sexually specifically, however the innuendos are present. The song uses the word 'pink' a lot. The innuendos are explained. The lyrics are insinuating a theme where someone is in bed and is infatuated with pink. But that's not the main theme of what it really sounds like.

When you think 'pink' and you use some play on words that relates to 'turning off the light' or 'between the sheets', one would think that "yeah it does sound like a sex thing". You'd have to admit the brilliance of the song. Nowadays bands just can't slip something nasty into a song without it being noticed right away. Really, innuendos are a great way to keep your music PAL friendly anyway.