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Aerosmith - Rag Doll - Lyrics Meaning

From Boston, Aerosmith didn't have it easy. During the '80s some of the band members were struggling from drugs, but they did manage to overcome the mess and continue to move forward in their endeavors. Today, Aerosmith is among the most popular bands in the world.

One definition of 'rag doll' is a cute girl that's usually empty-headed. That could be the construct of the song, but there's more. Some lyrics are: "Don't mind, come on up and see me. Rag doll, baby won't you do me, baby won't you do me, baby won't you do me... Like you done before." Naturally you should be able to tell that the lyrics are basically saying 'it's sex time'. And all through the song this is pretty much what it sounds like.

The music video has some scant scenes that describe the lyrics pictorially. There's some parts of the lyrics that kinda relate to Hollywood, but these aren't relevant to the overall meaning of the song. If a story was being told, it would be a guy wanting a girl to have wild sex with him. Aerosmith has a few songs dealing with the sex things, and it's hard to argue if you think this song has some other meaning.