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Beyonce - Halo - Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics to Halo by Beyonce explain how much of an impact a man has made on her life. She has been hurt by being in love before, and she has built up walls around her and made up rules for her to follow to prevent her from experiencing pain again. However, she met a person that quickly tore down the walls and let himself in, and she is realizing that she needed to protect herself from letting the wrong person in. The right person would not cause her such pain.

This man is her "saving grace", and she is referring to him as her angel. She is able to feel his presence by his "halo", and she is hoping that he is not too good to be true. He has allowed her to break free from her own insecurities, and she now knows that their life will defy even gravity. He has given her a new chance at life, and she "feels like I've been awakened", and she is willing to take the risk of never shutting him out. The light from his "halo" follows her, and everywhere she is, she is surrounded by his embrace.

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